This page contains all of the past and future planned webinars that are orientated to the graduate community.  This exists because searching on the SWE webinars page for graduate specific webinars is extremely difficult.   If you find any webinars that are graduate specific that are not listed below, please let us know so we can list it here!

How to access past webinars

Webinars are done using ‘go to webinar’ so past webinars within a year can be accessed through the original registration link, or if you originally registered for a webinar, a link to the recorded webinar will be emailed to you. Upcoming webinars will be posted on the Advance Learning Center for easy access. If you want to re-watch any of the webinars presented during these past few months, please leave a comment below.

Upcoming webinars


Engineering Consulting 101 – April 19 @ 7PM EST

Engineering Consulting combines engineering, business, and client management skills, making it a dynamic and exciting career path. The skills required for Engineering Consulting evolve over one’s career, and include a balance between technical, business development, financial management, client management, project management, team work, and communication. We will discuss how to shape your cover letter, resume, and considerations for your interview. We will identify the skills you need to develop and how to navigate a career in Engineering Consulting to be successful. We will also review the principles of business management associated with Engineering Consulting. Objectives:

• Shape your cover letter, resume, and be successful during the interview

• Identify and develop skills you need to navigate a career and be successful

• Understand the principles of business management associated with engineering consulting


Past webinars

  • How to become a technical writer – download the presentation here

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