Call for FY18 Coordinators

Call for FY18 Coordinators

Get more involved with SWE as a graduate student!

The Graduate Leadership Team (consisting of the Graduate Member Coordinator, the Graduate Programming Coordinator, and their coordinator-elects) is looking for new coordinators for FY18, starting in July 2017!  This is a great opportunity for grad students to get involved in the SWE Grad Community. The four positions are:

Graduate Member Coordinator-Elect (GMC-Elect): Supports the Graduate Member Coordinator in working to foster a strong community and network for graduate students in SWE by facilitating communication between graduate students in SWE and SWE graduate student groups, and by representing the interests of graduate students to the Society. The GMC-Elect assists the GMC, in preparation for assuming the GMC role the following year.

Social Media Coordinator (SMC): Ensures that all the Graduate Community social media and online outlets have current and regular content in order to allow graduate students to stay up to date on relevant information.

Webinars Coordinator (WC): Assist in coordinating the webinars hosted by the Graduate SWE community, by selecting topics, inviting speakers, and coordinating logistics with SWE headquarters to ensure webinars are advertised and routinely presented

Mentorship Coordinator (MC): .The mentorship coordinator will assist in the development and implementation of GradSWE’s new mentorship program.  Tasks include soliciting for mentors, keeping track of mentor/mentee applications, and making mentorship pairings.  

The applications are due by April 01 2017 11:59 pm CDT (Midnight).

Note that the GMC-Elect position requires the SWE HQ Committee Chair application. The SMC, WC and MC application includes an area where you indicate whether or not you submitted the GMC-Elect application and allows you to rank your preferences. Both applications require similar information and responses, but please make sure to follow the directions!

Applicants will be notified within the week after the deadline if there any additional questions and to schedule a phone interview. If you have any questions, please contact Genevieve at


Welcome to FY17: GradSWE Edition

Welcome to FY17: GradSWE Edition

Welcome to a new fiscal year of SWE! Last year brought about many changes to the Society and the SWE Grad Community. I am confident that this year will bring about even more.

As we begin a new year for the SWE Grad Community, I’d like to introduce the rest of the Grad Community Leadership team. Our team for FY17 is:

  • Graduate Member Coordinator (GMC): Liz Dreyer – University of Michigan
  • GMC-Elect: Genevieve Kane – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Graduate Programming Coordinator (GPC): Rachel Unruh – Texas A&M
  • GPC-Elect: Emily Hoffman – Northwestern University
  • Social Media Coordinator (SMC): Allie Anderson – Colorado School of Mines
  • Webinar Coordinator (WC): Celine Liong – Stanford University

You can read a short bio about each person here:

Goals for FY17

This year, I have many goals for our community. I’d also love to hear from all of you on what you’d like to see the grad community do as well. Feel free to email me at (or comment below or on any of our social media) with any and all ideas on how the grad community can better serve your needs.

Some of the plans include:

  • Continued use of social media to reach out and connect SWE grad student members.
  • Increase awareness of graduate student members within Professional sections or with Professional grade memberships. Did you know? Approximately half of SWE grad members are within Professional sections.
  • Improve resources and knowledge sharing for grad students and SWE grad groups.

How to get involved

This upcoming year is full of ways to increase your involvement with the SWE Grad Community. Below are a few examples.

  1. Become a Region Grad Rep. Some Regions still need RGRs for FY17. Contact your RGR to see if the position will is available.
  2. Participate in your local SWE Grad Group or start one within your SWE section. Current SWE Grad Groups are listed here.
  3. Attend We16 in Philadelphia, PA: Members of the SWE Grad Community will be attending and active again this year!
  4. Write a guest blog post for the SWE blog. Contact Liz at
  5. Ask the SWE Grad Community a question and start up a conversation about important issues. Submit them here.
  6. Engage with us on social media:
    Facebook page:

Again, I look forward to serving you this year and seeing the SWE Grad Community continue to grow.

Liz Dreyer

Announcing the WE16 GPC-Elect: Emily Hoffman!

Hello Graduate Community! It is my pleasure to announce Emily Hoffman, the Graduate Programming Coordinator-Elect for WE16!  Emily is a PhD candidate in Materials Science and Engineering at Northwestern University researching the nanoscale properties of metal hip implants using transmission electron microscopy. Emily has attended WE13 in Baltimore, WE14 in Los Angeles, and WE15 in Nashville. She also delivered talks at WE14 and WE15 about opportunities for engineers in policy for students and professionals. Emily will also serve as Graduate Programming Coordinator for WE17.

Welcome, Emily, to the Graduate Committee!

Do you have an idea or vision for conference sessions for graduate students at WE16? If so, stay tuned for more details regarding a teleconference regarding session planning for WE16 very soon!

Newsletter – 17 Nov 2015

Hello Grad Community!

If you know of other graduate students who may be interested in the Graduate Community, please forward these emails on to them, or point them to the Blog and Facebook pages! If you are part of a Grad Group, please ensure your distribution list receives these emails!

In this newsletter:

  1. Facebook Group deleted — join us on our Social Media pages!
  2. GET INVOLVED IN THE GRAD COMMUNITY! Graduate Programming Coordinator-Elect application now open!
  3. Upcoming Webinar
  4. Grad Community Spotlights
  5. Engaging Graduate Students in Collegiate and Professional sections
  6. Blog Basics: Local Graduate Groups
  7. New funding/employment opportunities on our Blog

(1) Facebook Group deleted — join us on our Social Media pages!

As of November 1st, we’ve deleted the Facebook Group – so be sure to join us on LinkedIn, the Facebook Page, and Twitter!

Twitter: @SWE_grad –
Google Calendar (to add to your Calendar!):

(2) GET INVOLVED WITH THE GRAD COMMUNITY! Graduate Programming Coordinator Elect application now open!

Are you interested in helping to plan the sessions and events at WE16 and WE17? Applications are now being accepted for the Graduate Programming Coordinator Elect position on the Graduate Community Leadership Team!

The Graduate Programming Coordinator Elect (GPC-Elect) works with the Graduate Programming Coordinator and a dedicated team of graduate students and professional SWE members to create a diverse track of sessions for current graduate students, and for those who are considering going to graduate school, for the annual SWE conference. The GPC-Elect assists the GPC, in preparation for the following annual conference. This is a 2-year commitment, first as GPC-Elect and then as GPC.

Obtain the application here:

Send completed applications to Rachel Unruh:

Deadline is December 15th!

(3) Upcoming webinar

This month’s webinar is focused on SWE’s Public policy on the application of Title IX. It is a recorded webinar presented by Cathy Pieronek who is an Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Director of the Women’s Engineering Program at the University of Notre Dame College of Engineering.

The webinar is about Title IX:  The Good, The Bad, The Unfinished: SWE’s Public Policy efforts focus on the application of Title IX, the law that prohibits sex-based discrimination in education, to engineering programs specifically and all STEM programs generally.  This webinar will provide participants with a background in Title IX to understand how the law works, what it has accomplished since its enactment in 1972 (both good and not so good), and what remains to be done in terms of bringing women into full participation with men in STEM educational opportunities.

Follow this link to view this recorded webinar.

(4) Grad Community Spotlights

Did you see the most recent Spotlights?

University of Texas at Austin (2 Nov 2015):

Stephanie Gillespie (16 Nov 2015):

Do you know someone (or yourself) or a Grad Group who deserves recognition? Submit their name here:

(5) Tips for Engaging Graduate Students in Collegiate and Professional sections

Wanting to get graduate students involved in your collegiate or professional section? Check out this article on All Together with helpful tips, including a Membership Toolkit item and links to our Grad Community blog.

(6) Blog Basics: Local Graduate Groups

This week, we start a new recurring series in this newsletter: Blog Basics. In these segments, I will highlight a different section of the blog, to give readers a better idea of the information you can find on the Grad Community blog.

Today, we focus on Local Graduate Groups:

This page on the blog lists the existing SWE Graduate Groups at various collegiate sections. Are you interested in getting involved at your university? Check out this page first to see who the best point of contact is. If your university is not listed, chances are there is no Graduate Group. If there is — please contact me and I will add you to this list! If there is truly not a grad group, talk to your collegiate section about starting one! You can find tips on starting a Grad Group in the Resources section:

(7) New funding/employment opportunities on our Blog

It’s that time of year again – fellowship application deadline time! Are you looking for funding for next year? Or how about a PostDoc or full-time position? Make sure to check out the Blog for a list of opportunities! New ones are always being added – several from last week at WE15!

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at!