Apply to join the SWE Grad Community leadership team

Apply to join the SWE Grad Community leadership team

Have you ever wanted to join the SWE Grad Community leadership team?  Well, wait no longer! The time is now to apply. Below are details on the positions and how to apply. I will be hosting a Google Hangout on Sunday, March 13th at 8 PM EST to answer specific questions. The link to join us is here:

Current Details

The Graduate Leadership Team (consisting of the Graduate Member Coordinator, the Graduate Programming Coordinator, and their coordinator-elects) is looking for new coordinators for FY17, starting in July 2016!  This is a great opportunity for grad students to get involved in the SWE Grad Community. The three positions are:

  1. Graduate Member Coordinator-Elect (GMC-Elect): Supports the Graduate Member Coordinator in working to foster a strong community and network for graduate students in SWE by facilitating communication between graduate students in SWE and SWE graduate student groups, and by representing the interests of graduate students to the Society. The GMC-Elect assists the GMC, in preparation for assuming the GMC role the following year.
  2. Social Media Coordinator (SMC): Ensures that all the Graduate Community social media and online outlets have current and regular content in order to allow graduate students to stay up to date on relevant information.
  3. Webinars Coordinator (WC): Assist in coordinating the webinars hosted by the Graduate SWE community, by selecting topics, inviting speakers, and coordinating logistics with SWE headquarters to ensure webinars are advertised and routinely presented.

The applications are due by April 01 2016 11:59 pm CDT (Midnight).

Note that the GMC-Elect position requires the SWE HQ Committee Chair application. The SMC and WC application includes an area where you indicate whether or not you submitted the GMC-Elect application and allows you to rank your preferences. Both applications require similar information and responses, but please make sure to follow the directions!

Applicants will be notified within the week after the deadline if there any additional questions and to schedule a phone interview. If you have any questions, please contact Liz at

Frequently Asked Questions

The current Graduate Member Coordinator, Katharine Gamble answered many FAQs in her post from last year. Check it out here.

Other ways to get involved

Is leading the entire grad community not your thing? No problem! Check out this previous post about ways to get involved.

I cannot wait to read your applications!  Again, if you have any questions, please contact Liz at


Introducing our FY15 Graduate Member Coordinator

Today is the last day of FY14, and therefore my last day as the Graduate Member Coordinator. It was truly a pleasure to serve the graduate community this past year, and I’m excited to see what the new graduate team brings next year!

With that, I am pleased to welcome the new Graduate Member Coordinator and Coordinator-Elect for FY15:

FY15 Graduate Member Coordinator (GMC): Elizabeth Gregory is a PhD candidate at Iowa State University (ISU) studying aerospace engineering. She has been involved with SWE since 2002, starting as an undergrad at the University of Kansas, then as a professional member with the Greater Salt Lake Professional Section, and finally as a committee member and chair of the Graduate Committee of ISU SWE. She has held various officer roles throughout her SWE career, as a collegiate of various sections and as treasurer of her professional section, and most recently as GMC-Elect of SWE in FY14.

FY15 Graduate Member Coordinator-Elect (GMC-Elect): Katharine Brumbaugh Gamble is a PhD student at the University of Texas at Austin, also studying aerospace engineering. She has been involved with SWE since her freshman year at Purdue University in 2006, serving various officer roles, and at UT-Austin as part of the Grad SWE program, serving as the Committee Co-Chair for two years. Katharine has also served as the Regional Conference Coordinator for the SWE Graduate team, and currently participates on the Program Development Grant committee and the Government Relations and Public Policy committee at the society level.

Please join me in welcoming Elizabeth and Katharine!

Graduate Leadership Interest Meeting

The first graduate community meeting of FY14 will be on July 17th, 2013, at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific! This meeting will share the many ways graduate students and post-docs can become more involved with the graduate community, including taking leadership roles at the regional or Society level. The meeting will be led by the incoming FY14 Graduate Leadership Team, who will also share their goals for the coming year. If you are looking to become more involved, have ideas or concerns to share with the Graduate Leadership, or just want to learn more about what is being done for graduate students in SWE, this meeting is your chance to learn more and make an impact for FY14!
The meeting will be held online via Google Hangout. If you’re interested in attending, please email Shivani Gupta at, and you will receive a meeting invitation.