SWE Membership

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Benefits of Joining SWE

SWE membership brings to you a community of support, resources and information on women in technical careers, and some of the best professional development programming available in STEM. The benefits of being a SWE member include:

  • Professional development programming, including webinars
  • Annual and regional conferences at a reduced fee: networking, professional development, technical seminars, leadership training, and more
  • Scholarship opportunities for all educational and professional levels
  • Online career center: manage your resume, search hundreds of jobs posted monthly by SWE’s sponsors, and get discovered by employers
  • Outreach programs: pay it forward and encourage girls to pursue careers in STEM through SWE’s alliances with Girls, Inc., Girl Scouts, and US FIRST
  • Awards and recognition: SWE honors outstanding accomplishments of of women engineers at all levels
  • Technical research presentations: Share your research with a broader audience through posters or talks at conferences or via webinars
    And most importantly…
  • Strong network of women engineers from academia, government, and industry at all career levels, to support you throughout your career


SWE Membership Types

SWE offers two distinct membership types: collegiate and professional. If you are a graduate student, choose either collegiate or professional (depending on your status) and make sure to check the box for “enrolled in a graduate program.”

Each membership has a variety of benefits tailored to full-time college students or full-time working professionals. However, SWE members come from a variety of careers and backgrounds, including  other engineering minority organization affiliations such as SHPE or NSBE. For that, SWE offers a variety of discounts for collegiate or professional membership. You can find these discounts on their website here.

Here is a quick summary comparing collegiate membership to professional membership:

Collegiate membership

  • Eligibility for collegiate scholarships
  • Discounted collegiate fees for region and annual conferences
  • Receive invitations to SWE webinars tailored to collegiates
  • Participate in collegiate competitions at conferences

Professional membership

  • Vote on leadership positions in the regional and society-level elections
  • Receive invitations to SWE webinars tailored to professionals
  • Eligibility for more individual awards
  • Eligibility for more region-level or society-level leadership roles


SWE Membership for Full-Time Graduate Students

Full-time graduate students often find that they do not fit neatly in the ‘collegiate’ or ‘professional’ categories. Since graduate students already have a degree in STEM, they have  different career needs and goals from undergraduate students. Unlike full-time professionals, however,  graduate students work on a very different schedule, spend most of their time on a college campus, and typically cannot afford a professional membership.

For this reason, SWE offers full-time graduate students the opportunity to be either a collegiate or a professional SWE member, at the same low price of $20/year.

If you’re interested in collegiate membership, choose:

  • Collegiate membership for $20/year, or
  • ‘Collegiate-to-Career’ (C2C) membership for a one-time fee of $50, covering all of your college years, plus one year as a professional member.

If you’re interested in switching to professional membership,  choose:

  • Transition from Collegiate to Professional Member RENEWAL ($20/first year), or
  • Transition from Collegiate to Career (C2C) to Professional Member RENEWAL ($0/first year), or

If you are a current professional member and a full-time graduate student, choose:

  • Professional RENEWAL, plus the discount code “B2S” ($20/year)

Sadly, there is no discount code or special price for working professionals who are part-time graduate students.


Questions? Contact the Graduate Member Coordinator at grad-coordinator@swe.org!



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