Graduate Community Fliers



How do I start a Grad SWE group?

Is your collegiate or professional section thriving, but lacking in graduate student involvement? Do you have graduate students wanting to be involved, but who are not sure how? Check out these resources to help your local section develop a Grad SWE group:

Graduate Students as Professionals

Graduate Students as Collegiates

Grad Student Involvement in SWE Sections webinar presentation

Tips for Starting a Grad Group

Membership Toolkit: Recruiting and Retaining graduate students in SWE.

All-Together article: Tips for Engaging Graduate Students


How do I survive Graduate School?

Check out these 7 tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle during graduate school.

Check out the Beta Pleated Chic Blog!  Beta Pleated Chic is a website that tells the stories of women in science, technology, engineering and medicine with the mission of bringing people together through conversations, writing, and community engagement. Our mission is one of promoting inclusivity within these fields and helping those who are traditionally marginalized to flourish— while having a lot of fun along the way!


Thinking about Graduate School?

Here is a great website to help you think through the decision to go to graduate school:

we14 Conference Session Presentations

Didn’t get a chance to make it to the WE14 Conference in Los Angeles? Never fear! We have compiled the presentations from the grad student related sessions below (currently a work in progress). Feel free to check them out…email the Grad Leadership Team or the presenters directly with any questions!

Funding Your Graduate School

Finding and Being a Mentor in Graduate School

Strategies for Obtaining your First Academic Position

Effective Communication for Graduate Funding

Networking In Academic Settings

Informational Interview Questions

Tips for Teaching STEM

How an Advanced Degree Can Help You Reach Your Career Goals

Strategies for Obtaining Your First Academic Position

How to Create an Inclusive Environment for Graduate Students in a Growing Department


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