Local Graduate Groups

The goal of this page is to provide a comprehensive list of all the graduate groups currently active in SWE in order to facilitate best practices sharing, provide contacts between groups, and help individual graduate members get in touch with their local groups. If you have a graduate group at your university (or some form of graduate involvement), and it is not currently on the list, please fill out a quick Google Form to provide basic information: http://goo.gl/3SdNtY


Are you interested in starting a graduate group? Check out the Resources page for tips on starting one!

Region A

Stanford University

The Stanford Graduate Society of Women Engineers (GradSWE) seeks to promote the study of engineering through outreach, provide professional development opportunities, and enhance the diversity of the Stanford Engineering community by focusing upon the needs and interests of its female graduate students. To this end, we focus on community building, professional development, connecting students with faculty, mentorship, networking, and outreach.

University of California, Berkeley

The Graduate Women of Engineering, or GWE (formerly known as the Graduate Women of Etcheverry) are a group of graduate engineering students from all engineering disciplines at the University of California, Berkeley. GWE’s primary purpose is to support female graduate students in all their engineering endeavors. Throughout the year a number of informal events are held to allow women engineers (and those who support women in engineering) to welcome new students, network, share experiences, develop study groups, discuss issues and just socialize.

  • Contact: Anna D’Alessio, adalessio@berkely.edu
  • Website: http://gwe.berkeley.edu/

Region B

Univerisity of California, Los Angeles

GradSWE at UCLA began in 2013 and advocates for women graduate engineering students, who make up only 21.9% of the UCLA graduate engineering body in Fall 2013. GradSWE-UCLA provides professional development, networking, social, and outreach activities for its members and works with other groups on campus, including the Career Center, AWiSE (Advancing Women in Science and Engineering), and Graduate Resource Center. Our events include panel sessions, company site tours, wine and cheese socials, hiking, undergraduate mentoring, DIY Girls Open Lab, and more.

Region C

Texas A&M University

The Texas A & M University, College Station, Graduate committee of SWE this spring focused on reaching out to a greater audience through collaboration with various other graduate sections of women engineering organizations on our campus and international student organizations. The semester successfully kick started with Lunch n’ Learn themed “Leveraging your STEM Background to Innovate in Business.’ Our speaker was Ginger Blake from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Lally School of management. This event presented different options on how engineers can use their background in the business world.

This was followed by our inaugural biweekly “SWE Graduate Coffee and Cookie Conversation Series,” dubbed C3 (pronounced “Cee Cubed”). The event is specifically geared towards graduate students. This event saw graduate students taking a break from their academic work to hang out with other graduate students but still had the opportunity to get exposed to professional development seminars. This included TED talks from some notable speakers. C3 has been such a great success and has been welcomed by those who have attended it.

In addition to these bi-weekly C3 professional development socials, we are currently collaborating with AWICS to host a lunch and learn session sponsored by Gemalto, Inc. This event will be geared towards resumes workshops and mock interviews. Overall, opportunities for grads to become involved in SWE are booming! The semester has been very successful as we are seeing more and more involvement from graduate students across various STEM disciplines.

The University of Houston

UH has a graduate group within their undergraduate SWE section. UH Grad SWE hasa 5 person leadership committee with about 20 paid graduate SWE members involved. They hold social and networking events.

The University of North Texas

Contact the undergrad section or the Grad leaders below for more information. http://untswe.weebly.com/

The University of Texas at Austin

The Society of Women Engineers Graduate Committee at the University of Texas at Austin is made up of a focused group of graduate students who wish to be involved in SWE at the graduate level. The women involved in the SWE Graduate Committee hope to foster a support network for graduate women in engineering and computer science and promote their involvement in the committee. To this end, the SWE graduate committee is committed to providing personal, professional, and leadership development opportunities for other graduate women in engineering and computer science. Graduate SWE members also serve as mentors to undergraduate SWE members, especially in education about graduate school, fellowships, and research experiences. The SWE Graduate Committee maintains strong relationships with several complementary committees and programs at UT and within SWE, including the UT Women in Engineering Program Faculty Committee, the SWE Women in Academia Committee, and the SWE Graduate Focus Interest Group, together contributing to a strong community of women in the engineering and computer sciences.

Tulane University – Women+ in Science and Engineering (WISE)

This is a newly founded group devoted to enhancing the experiences of women graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and early career faculty in engineering and the sciences at Tulane University. The group is open to members regardless of gender presentation/identity or actual field of study. We organize events based on community input, including information sessions on how to fund your science career, research colloquiums, family friendly faculty-WISE mixers, and industry-WISE recruitment mixers. We also provide community and social support through various social activities throughout the year.

Our advice for other groups is that a close relationship with our institution’s administration has been a key to our immediate acceptance and ability to plan large events. We partner with our Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies to provide incentives (refreshments, premier faculty connections, and access to their email listservs) to expand our reach much farther than our SWE section could provide.

  • Leadership: Kate Elfer, kelfer@tulane.edu

Region D

Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech Grad SWE is a committee within the undergrad section. They are a group to bring together graduate women from across campus, but mostly in the College of Engineering and College of Computing. Most of the events are social or networking, for example info sessions with companies or coffee hours or wine and cheese events.

Georgia Tech Grad SWE has a group that of approximately 8-10 graduate officers, including a president, VP, treasurer, industry relations, academic relations, social chair, social media chair, historian, and secretary. Events include professional development and mingling with companies, but the focus has been more on social events and creating a community for female graduate students.

Duke University

Duke Grad SWE is in its formative phase and excited to attract more graduate students! Interested in getting involved? Reach out to their leadership (below) and join the Facebook group!


Region E

Columbia University

The Society of Women Engineers at Columbia incorporates both an undergraduate and graduate group with separate boards and programming unique to their respective membership. The graduate group (Grad SWE) is aimed at providing women in graduate engineering and applied sciences programming specific to their unique needs and interests. Our programming focus is on more advanced and specific recruitment, networking, and workshop events for women interested in pursuing careers beyond graduate school in either industry or academia. We hope to cater to the busy, dynamic lifestyle of graduate students by offering concise programming during or shortly after the workday and to provide women in graduate programs the means to communicate, diversify, connect, and get the support that that they need on their way to getting an advanced degree.

Cornell University

Cornell’s Grad SWE branch began in fall 2010 and aims to connect and support women engineering graduate students. The chairs organize professional events such as a salary negotiation workshop and social events including dessert nights at a local restaurant and a holiday cookie and card making party. Cornell Grad SWE works closely with the undergraduate branch by holding regular mentorship events.

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Grad-SWE of NJIT, though established only in 2012, is scripting history in promoting capacity building among women engineering students.  We are striving to enhance the membership of SWE by addressing the academic concerns of women engineering students, spreading awareness about the role of SWE, and encouraging women students to participate in its programs and events. We have designed and successfully organized challenging events like the Female Research Showcase (to facilitate multi-disciplinary academic communication), Mentoring Programs (to channel the experience of faculty members and industry professionals to women students in undergraduate through graduate academic levels),and Technical Writing Workshops with lectures from professionals (to help our students learn how to write like a scholar). While we are already collaborating closely with our undergraduate section in organizing the annual banquet, leadership workshop, company information sessions, etc., we intend to extend the collaboration to professional societies, other offices on campus as well as to more female faculty members.  Our future focus is to equip women engineering students for a successful career keeping in mind their need to maintain a harmonious work-life balance.

Princeton University

The Graduate Women in Science and Engineering (GWiSE) at Princeton contains a Grad SWE subgroup tailored to graduate women in engineering disciplines. Grad SWE also exists as a committee within the undergraduate SWE section at Princeton. The group focuses on outreach, professional development, networking, and social events aimed at connecting female graduate students across disciplines. Recent events include a panel and mixer entitled “Perspectives of women in STEM: Navigating relationships, family, and career,” and an outreach event with girls from the Princeton Day School featuring “Little Bits” electronic kits.

Region F

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

We host social networking and personal and professional development events. We open our events to all female graduate students at the school, not just engineers.

University of Maine

Graduate Committee Chair -Lauren Flanders,  lauren.flanders@maine.edu

Yale University

The Graduate Society of Women Engineers (gradSWE) at Yale provides a forum for graduate students who are interested in the inclusion of women within the broader engineering community. Our events are primarily focused around community building, diversity awareness, professional development, and STEM outreach. Through our events, we seek to provide both personal and professional development, in order to support female engineering students on the path to an advanced degree and in their careers after graduating.

Region G

Carnegie Mellon University

Grad Greets was started by SWE’s CMU graduate students in 2009. The goal of Grad Greets is to connect graduate women from different engineering departments and provide professional development, opportunities for technical growth, and fun activities for meeting friends. Past events have included glassblowing workshops, a local power plant tour, a business etiquette dinner, and much more. The program also seeks to bridge the gap between undergraduates and graduate students in order to provide mentoring and advice about graduate programs and careers. This program is open to any graduate student who is interested in meeting new people and participating in fun activities.

CMU SWE’s Grad Greets program provides a social outlet for grad students to take a break from their work and sometimes plans tech talks as well. The program is run by two co-chairs who coordinate event planning by having one member of Grad Greets take charge of planning each individual event. Undergrads are also invited to participate in some events.

The University of Dayton

The University of Dayton GradSWE group just got started this year, so we are still trying to get our feet under us. This year we focused on trying to gain Masters or PhD students in our membership and get an idea of what events would be beneficial to them. A few events that were held were various webinars and a social for the students to get to know the other MS/PhD students at UD.

Region H

Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)

Graduate students are welcome in the SWE group here and often have leadership roles as officers.

  • Leadership
    • Marcella Vaicik, Graduate Student Programming Coordinator WE13, marcella.vaicik@swe.org

Iowa State University (ISU)

GradSWE began in Fall 2011 and offers opportunities for graduate women to be active in SWE at ISU. Our mission is to actively serve graduate women in the ISU Engineering community by providing professional development, networking, mentoring and service opportunities. We offer two Graduate General Meetings (Lunches) each semester, along with a variety of social events for members to participate. We also have book club and discussion groups to focus on issues related to women in engineering. This program is open to all graduate students interested in technology, engaging in new relationships and serving their community.

University of Illinois at Chicago

Formed in Spring 2016, the UIC GradSWE is a valuable and resourceful community for both female graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing higher degrees. It also serves as motivation for all women to prepare for higher education and helps them smoothly transition into their future careers after they complete their education. We host different events such as training sessions, networking opportunities, scholarships, national conferences, webinars, and many other activities that are held during each semester.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

GradSWE at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) is a committee of nine members of who organize programs and events to cater to the needs to graduate women in engineering and science at UIUC. The committee officially started in Spring 2012 and it maintains a close working relationship with the undergraduates in UIUC SWE. The goals of GradSWE are to:
– Serve a support community and advocate for current graduate women in engineering and for undergraduate women pursing graduate studies in engineering
– Provide services, events and resources, including professional development events, social gatherings, outreach activities, and mentorship opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students
– Increase number of national graduate student members at UIUC

University of Michigan

Established in 1994, GradSWE works to empower graduate women to succeed in graduate school and advance in the field of engineering. GradSWE helps our members build connections to overcome professional and personal challenges often experienced in graduate school. We support graduate women in all aspects of their career and personal lives through our diverse activities and serve as a conduit for information on special university events.We support women through activities in Networking, Outreach, and Social and Professional Development. Some examples of our current activities include: Female Faculty-Student Mixers, Undergraduate mentorship; Pumpkin carving; Writing workshops; Educational outreach at Adams Academy Elementary School; Washtenaw Elementary Science Olympiad; and Professional development workshops: Consulting, Financial Fitness, etc.

Michigan Technological University

We are a relatively new committee of SWE at Michigan Tech, as we just started up in early 2015. We strive to provide a productive social and professional environment for graduate student while serving as a bridge between the undergraduate and graduate SWE members.

Our Objectives:

  • Encourage undergraduates to consider graduate school in STEM
  • Mentor undergraduate students
  • Provide a network and support system
  • Sponsor both academic and professional development seminars and workshops
  • Disseminate information on scholarship, fellowship, and employment opportunities
  • Advocate career exploration
  • Leadership:
    • Co-directors Denise Freeman and Jennifer Winikus
    • Blog: https://gradswemtu.wordpress.com/


Region I

The University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Bree Drda, Graduate Member Coordinator,  breedrda@gmail.com

Region J

The University of Washington

A graduate section in the UW SWE chapter just started this past January 2016. As they are still organizing and deciding how they would like to structure the group, they have mostly been holding happy hours to increase graduate student interaction. They are currently thinking about other events that benefit grad students directly, such as panels of previous PhD graduates from the university as well as platforms for practice podium presentations.
Contact: Hannah Frizzell, hannahfrizzell@gmail.com

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