Announcing FY19 GradSWE Group and Individuals Awards

It is with great excitement that we are announcing the inaugural awardees of the GradSWE Group and Individual Awards! The purpose of these awards is 1) to recognize outstanding groups and individuals who embody the SWE Core Values and 2) to encourage greater participation of graduate students in SWE Societal Awards. Congratulations to our FY19 Awardees!

FY19 GradSWE Outstanding Individuals

Jessica Stieglitz, Tufts University       Isabella Sanders, Georgia Tech

FY19 Outstanding Grad Groups: Established

Yale University       University of Michigan

FY19 Outstanding Grad Groups: New

Tufts University       Georgia Tech         

To learn more about these groups and individuals, keep an eye out for Spotlight articles on the blog in the coming weeks! We encourage group leaders and individuals to look out for future award opportunities in FY20.

Questions? Contact Cecilia at


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