Beyond the Horizon


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The International Graduate Team is looking to feature students with interesting cultural experiences, as it is becoming increasingly important to be able to work in multicultural, global teams where members come from different parts of the world and have diverse work styles. We want to develop a series of blog posts which will help our members appreciate the diversity in today’s global world.


If you like to travel and would like to talk about your recent trips, or if you would like to share your experience moving to a new city or anything related to being an international student we’re interested in hearing about it. Three ideas you can write about are:

  • Travel-related experience: Did you do a study-abroad in school? Do you enjoy traveling and exploring different parts of the world? Are you learning a new language? These sort of skills and experiences often open your mind and enable you to think from a different perspective more easily. We’re excited to feature your travel experiences and learning!
  • Cultural experience: If you’ve noticed and have a better understanding of a different culture, of their customs, traditions, clothing and social atmospheres and can compare it with your own, it would be interesting to hear about. Traveling to a different country isn’t required. For example, if you’re a coffee lover and you appreciate how coffee is grown and roasted across the world, we’d love for you to share your experience.
  • Reflection: Can you speak to the benefits of global mobility? Can you share your tips about negotiating across cultures when there is dissent? We’d like to feature opinions and insights on your unique cultural experience.


Please fill this form –  and we’ll reach out to you to share your experiences!



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