Graduate Member Spotlight: Molly Skinner

Graduate Member Spotlight

Molly Skinner


Biomedical Engineering

May 2019

University of South Florida


Molly has been a member of SWE since 2013. As a freshman, she quickly became involved and started to make a difference in her section. Her first position, held during her freshman year, was EXPO Chair where she managed a $1,000 budget and trained over 20 volunteers to perform an ooblek experiment for students ages K-12. This event was aimed to promote STEM education. The following year, she served as Events Chair and then moved on to Big and Little Chair in her junior year, where she matched younger and older students to form mentoring relationships. During her senior year, she served as the Treasurer of the section. Her work in SWE was recognized in 2015 with the SWE Section Volunteer of the Year award. As a graduate student, she held a role in the Region D Nominating Committee. This year, Molly will be presenting her research as a finalist in the WE18 Rapid Fire Competition, taking place on Friday, October 19th at 10:15 AM in Minneapolis – be sure to check out her presentation!

Presenting at WE18 won’t be Molly’s first rodeo – she is a well-versed presenter! She has been to every annual SWE conference for the past six years! And this year, she traveled to Singapore as a participant in the International Research Experience for Students in Singapore. At WE17, Molly participated as a finalist in the SWE Poster Competition. Her diligent research work was recognized with the 2017 Recipient of Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award. Outside of SWE and her research, Molly continued to give back to her campus and worked as a TA in the Unit Operations lab for the Chemical Engineering department.


After completing her masters, Molly plans to continue her research into her PhD. Afterwards, she plans to work to create treatments for blood and immune diseases, specifically for children. Immunotherapies really interest Molly because they can target something that is happening throughout the body.


Molly loves musical theatre and has seen over 30 musicals in the past four years! She also has an annual pass to Disney World, and tries to go as often as she can.


Fun Fact about Molly: Molly is the Secretary for a nonprofit called the SkinnerStrong Foundation. The foundation raises money for childhood leukemia research and has raised over $65,000 for their mission in the past two years.


Molly Skinner


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