Graduate Member Spotlight: Emine Sumeyra Turali-Emre

Graduate Member Spotlight

Emine Sumeyra Turali-Emre


Biomedical Engineering


University of Michigan


Sumeyra is an active member of the University of Michigan’s GradSWE group and will be attending WE18, where she will be involved of several facets of the conference. In addition to serving as a volunteer, Sumeyra has been accepted into the Graduate Student Poster Competition. If you are attending WE18, be sure to stop by her poster on Thursday, October 18th and learn more about her research! At the University of Michigan, Sumeyra has participated in faculty-student mixers and is an active outreach volunteer!

Outside of SWE, Sumeyra is part of the Graduate Rackham International, where she has served as Outreach and Professional Development chair for 2 years. As part of the Society of Biomaterials, she helped to organized Society of Biomaterials days at her university last year. This year, she is also serving as Co-Chair at U-M Engineering Graduate Symposium. Through the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Student Council, Sumeyra serves as treasurer.


Research topic: Inorganic nanoparticles for drug and DNA delivery


Gene therapy is one of the biggest research area in cancer treatment field. Viral and non-viral therapies have been widely investigated for gene and drug delivery. Researchers are looking for a vector that can be as effective as viruses with eliminating its side effect. Sumeyra is working with inorganic nanoparticles for their similarities with proteins to make artificial viruses. Sumeyra’s hard work and diligent research has been recognized with several awards, including travel grants from the Rackham Graduate School. She has also received the Best Research Poster in Biological Science Award at the Michigan Microscopy and Microanalysis Society Annual Meeting, and placed first in the Tissue and Cellular Biology Session at the UM Engineering Graduate Symposium.

After graduating, Sumeyra plans to become a professor. Before transitioning into academia officially, Sumeyra plans to gain more experience by completing a post-doc in industry, and feels that this would be helpful when later advising students.


Sumeyra’s hobbies include swimming, reading, and riding her bike through nature with her son.


Fun Fact about Sumeyra: Sumeyra has a three-year-old son who is growing up along with her PhD thesis! Shoutout to Sumeyra for being a superstar mom & graduate student!

Emine Sumyera


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