Graduate Member Spotlight: Emily Hoffman

Graduate Member Spotlight

Emily Hoffman


Materials Science and Engineering

Defended 2016

Northwestern University

        This year, we are excited to have Emily Hoffman serve as the Collegiate Competitions Coordinator for WE18. In this role, she has been hard at work organizing the Rapid Fire and Poster competitions, from finding judges to supporting the graduate and undergraduate students participating in these competitions. Emily was very active in the GradSWE community throughout her graduate career. She played a key role in the creation of the GradSWE group at Northwestern University. She served as part of the society-level graduate team in two-year role of Graduate Programming Coordinator. In this role, she worked to ensure that graduate programming was present at conferences. She helped to organize graduate student abstract submissions, increasing the number of graduate student presenters at conference. Emily’s hard work was recognized at WE17 when she received the Outstanding Collegiate Member award.

Emily will be presenting at WE18 and will discuss how SWE leadership skills translate into a job. She has previously presented at WE conferences going all the way back to WE14! Emily is currently a member of the New York City professional section, and has undertaken the position of a local collegiate section liaison.


Thesis Title: Tribology and Corrosion in CoCrMo Alloys and Similar Systems


Emily worked with a transmission electron microscope to understand corrosion and tribology at the nanoscale. The research was performed to better understand the alloys used in hip implants and the mechanisms of solid lubricants. During graduate school, she was supported by the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship and participated in the Mirzayan Fellowship at the National Academy of Engineering in Washington, D.C.

After defending, Emily started a job in Life Sciences consulting at Charles River Associates. This draws on her undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering. She analyzes scientific, regulatory, and business information to help pharmaceutical companies develop new products. CRA specializes in rare disease, oncology, and biologics. Emily’s long-term career interests are working in medical regulation and policy.

        Outside of work, Emily likes to relax by eating and exercising. She took up yoga in graduate school as a way to manage stress while completing her thesis, and she still practices regularly now in Brooklyn. Emily lives in a historically Italian neighborhood, so on the weekends you can find her walking around to all the shops for fresh bread, baby mozzarella, and cannolis!

Fun Fact from Emily: Emily can see Times Square from her office!



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