Graduate Member Spotlight: Shreya Dwarakanath

Graduate Member Spotlight

Shreya Dwarakanath


Materials Science and Engineering

Expected Graduation Date: 2019

Georgia Institute of Technology  


Shreya is very active in GradSWE and currently holds the role of International Graduate Team Leader on the Societal GradSWE Team. She hopes to expand the international team and create additional resources for the growing international graduate section.  She joined SWE in 2015 and has been to the WE15 conference.

At Georgia Tech, she held the role of Industry Relations in FY15, where she initiated and led several activities involving mentoring, leadership, technical guidance, and professional development. As part of the board of GradSWE at Georgia Tech, Shreya initiated and led activities involving professional development, technical guidance, and mentoring  by organizing panel discussions, networking events and social events. Shreya has also been a part of the Leadership education and development (LEAD) programs at Georgia Tech and helped frame the teams for tech initiative. She has been a teaching assistant for 4 courses including 2 laboratory courses where she led lab sessions and taught students clean room based fabrication procedures as well as trained students on materials characterization techniques and data analysis.


Thesis Topic: Electronics Packaging


Shreya’s research interests include inorganic-organic hybrid polymers and interfaces, automotive electronics, and  high-temperature reliability characterization. Her current research looks at improving the interfacial adhesion between polymer dielectrics and metal layers. She has given two oral presentations at IEEE Electronic Components and Technology Conference (IEEE ECTC- 2017 & 2018) and several poster presentations. Shreya’s work has been recognized with awards such as the Best Student Paper at International Microelectronics and Packaging Symposium (IMAPS), and the best session for advanced electronics in 2016. She also placed second in the poster competition for Future Car Electronics (FCE).

Shreya received the Jewell Fellowship for Fall 2018 based on her academic achievements and service to Georgia Tech. She was also awarded the Scheller School of Business Dean’s Fellowship on merit basis to pursue a fully funded joint MBA at Georgia Tech. As an undergraduate, Shreya received the Ministry of Steel scholarship, which funded three years of tuition.

After graduating, Shreya plans to leverage her skills in order to work on projects that connect science, technology, business, and people. She is passionate about technology improving lives and wants to influence how technology can help solve challenging social problems.

       Outside of work, Shreya loves new experiences and enjoys to travel, follow her on insta at @shreyad001. She recently went tandem skydiving from 13,000 feet! She likes going to concerts, and can also occasionally be heard strumming her guitar along with the latest pop singles. She also enjoys exercising, dancing, and spending time with friends.


Fun Fact from Shreya: Shreya has a pet bamboo plant named Freya!



Shreya Dwarakanath 2017 Full Time MBA Student Scheller College of Business Georgia Institute of Technology


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