Graduate Student Spotlight: Dhanu Thiyag

Graduate Member Spotlight

Dhanu Thiyag


Expected Graduation Date: 2019

Temple University


        Dhanu Thiyag is a very active member of the SWE Graduate community. This year she is serving in several functions, most prevalently as a Special Senator. She is on the Bylaws Committee and PDG Committee, and also serves as the Awards Committee Coordinator, which she has been involved in since FY16. Before the dissolution of regions, Dhanu was very involved in Region E and served as Collegiate Senator in FY18, and Conference Research Chair in FY17. Dhanu is also active in the SWE outreach community, and served as a SWENext advisor for Lehigh Valley Academy in FY17 and FY18, as well as this year. They have done several hands-on activities ranging from newspaper towers challenge to egg drop, and activities for E-week with the local middle school. Dhanu has advised Temple University in the role of SWE Graduate Counselor for the last four years.

As an undergraduate student, Dhanu held the roles of Historian, Mentorship Chair, Secretary, and President in the University of Pittsburgh section. She began to attend SWE conferences as an undergrad, and has attended WE13, WE14, WE15, WE16, WE17, and several region conferences and leadership conferences. She support WE16 on the local host committee as Volunteer Coordinator.

      Dhanu’s hard work, both in and out of the hospital, has been recognized with numerous awards. She received the SWE Outstanding Collegiate Member Award. As an undergraduate student, she was awarded University of Pittsburgh Senior of the Year and Region G Advancing leader Award. Outside of SWE, she has received the Western Engineer’s Society George Washington Award, the University of Pittsburgh’s President’s Award, and the University of Pittsburgh Outstanding Sophomore Student leader award.

Dhanu researches topics ranging from obstetrics and gynecology to emergency medicine.  Within OBGYN, she researches various factors that affecting bleeding symptoms for patients who receive the depo shot postpartum. Additionally, she is researching how urinary protein to creatinine ratio differs in term pregnant women as this is a crucial determining factor for diagnosing preeclampsia. Some of her other projects look at end-tidal carbon dioxide to determine transfusion requirements, and various ultrasound methods to determine ejection fraction in an emergency setting.

Dhanu plans to pursue an obstetrics and gynecology residency. Her ultimate career goal would be to utilize her clinical experience in OBGYN to engineer a medical device that can improve women’s health in third world countries. Throughout her career, she plans to personally promote better OBGYN-related care in third world countries.

        Outside of work, Dhanu enjoys staying fit, mainly through playing tennis and performing Bharatanatyam and Bollywood dance. She also enjoys traveling and reading. She is currently in the process of planning a trip to Africa!

Fun Fact from Dhanu: Dhanu has performed a three-hour solo bharatanatyam performance in India!





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