Graduate Member Spotlight: Rachal Thomassie

Graduate Member Spotlight

Rachal Thomassie


Interdisciplinary Engineering

Texas A&M University


            Rachal first joined SWE as a freshman at Texas A&M and participated in the section’s mentoring program. As a professional, she attended two society conferences. In 2017, Rachal was awarded the BK Krenzer Memorial Re-entry Scholarship through SWE which financially enables women who have been out of the engineering workforce to pursue an engineering degree on their path to re-entry. As a graduate student, she served in her local section’s GradSWE Group as the liaison to Women in Science and Engineering.  She currently serves at the societal level as the GradSWE Mentoring Communications Coordinator.

Thesis: Systems Engineering Competencies Relevant to Mechanical Engineers

Rachal works to identify systems engineering competencies lacking in mechanical engineering programs based on former student experiences, and uses these findings to implement changes at the program level through creation of student outcomes.

Rachal’s goal is to be an engineering professor, teaching first and second year engineering courses. Additionally, she hopes to be a program director, guiding an engineering academic program. She also plans to advise student organizations on campus.

Outside of work, Rachal enjoys traveling, watching movies, and gardening.

Fun Fact from Rachal: I saw The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen, Denmark when I was nine years old.



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