Advancing International Engagement of Women in Engineering

GradSWEsters we are approaching a unique day in the year, regarded as International Women in Engineering Day. International Women in Engineering Day will take place on June 23rd across the globe to help celebrate women in engineering as well as encouraging more diverse girls and women to consider engineering as a career.

I would encourage each of you to do your part in inspiring our future generation of women to explore exciting careers and opportunities in engineering. This encouragement can include getting more involved in outreach activities in your campus or professional communities as well as simply having a conversation sharing what you do as a graduate student and/or professional.

Furthermore, I also motivate you to acknowledge the women trendsetters who came before you and paved the way for excellence in engineering. Keep supporting your peers to engage in exciting research, technical problem solving, and innovative discoveries in engineering.

As I bid farewell as your FY18 Social Media Coordinator, keep these suggestions in mind as we move into another anticipated year of SWE service and engagement.  As members of SWE, let’s keep pushing for record breaking participation and increase our reach to women all over the globe.  Stay empowered to continue breaking barriers and making unparalleled contributions in engineering.

If you are still not sure where to start or you are looking for a great resource for advancement, join us at WE18 in October!

Let’s continue to Aspire, Advance and Achieve in 2018 and beyond!!



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