Webinar Announcement!!!

Please mark your calendars for a webinar presented by Dr. Jenna Carpenter on Wednesday, June 20th from 1-2 CDT. (Watch your inboxes for registration information!) Dr. Carpenter will be presenting on “STEM Success for Women: Research based Strategies to Guide your Path”, which she describes as:

“Research shows that women in STEM fields face some unique career challenges, but it also identifies strategies that can help them succeed. We will examine issues and solutions for managing implicit bias, effective communication and power and influence”

Participants can expect to learn how to:

1.) Identify key issues impacting the success of women in STEM fields

2.) Describe research-based strategies for successfully managing around these issues.

3.) Understand how to begin applying one or more strategies to their own challenges

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Carpenter before the webinar –  be sure to check out her Tedx talk and see her bio below:

Dr. Jenna Carpenter is Founding Dean and Professor of Engineering at Campbell University in North Carolina. A national expert on innovative STEM education and success of women in STEM, she regularly speaks around the country. She has a TEDx talk (“Engineering: Where are the girls and why aren’t they here?”) and has been featured in the Chronicle of Higher Education, US News and World Report, Big Beacon Radio and more. Currently she chairs the ASEE Long Range Planning Committee and is a Co-Chair Elect for the ASEE Undergraduate Experience Committee. Carpenter is co-Principal Investigator for a National Science Foundation grant on Professional Development Emphasizing Data-Centered Resources and Pedagogies for Instructors of Undergraduate Introductory Statistics. Carpenter chairs the MAA Council on the Profession and co-chairs the mathematical societies Joint Committee on Women.


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