SWEet Summer of No Regrets

The summer season is quickly approaching with its official reign kicking in next month and perhaps for some of you the summer season has already begun.

For many professionals, the summer can bring a season of long awaited vacations and better weather to enjoy time with family or friends. For collegiates, perhaps it is the same or this season brings time to take make up or preparatory classes for fall semester and/or get moving in their research projects.

Whatever the summer season brings you, be sure to embrace it with no regrets and filled with great adventure. To help ensure you do not have a summer full of dissapointment or repentance, I have several tips for you to consider over the next few months:

Follow Your Dreams and Trust Your Gut

This is your life to live and your path to pave out -be sure to do what is in your best interest and adhere to your instincts.  You may not want to look back at that missed road trip or that incomplete paper submission before September rolls around.  If you feel strongly about a decision, trust your instinct and go for it.  You should take time to really evaluate what your dreams and passions are and align your action items with these desires.  Make the most of this summer and truly drive toward what bring you the most happiness.

Do Not Take Things Too Seriously and Take Risks

This thing called life is full of adventure and that may mean taking some risks.  Dare to dive in GradSWEsters.  If things do not work out, pick yourself up and keep walking forward.  Do not necessarily take things to the extreme and too serious as life should be enjoyable along the way.   Take time to enjoy the moments and different stages or settings the summer brings along -you may not be in this position forever.  It is okay to smile and have a laugh every once in a while (or more!).

Express Your Love for Others

You know I hear each day is a gift and that is why this day is called the present -be sure to make the most of it.  This includes letting your friends know how much you appreciate them and/or expressing your admiration for your family members.  Be sure your supportive circle know that you care and appreciate what they do for you.  The words “Thank You” can go along way.  Do not miss the opportunity to show your gratitude for those who have impacted you life whether in a large or miniscule way.

And do not fret, if you felt this past academic year was remorseful or this most recent semester was dreadful, turn the page and look forward to the future beginning with the summer months ahead. Forgiveness is huge!!  Forgiveness of others is one thing you can work on this summer, but forgiveness of yourself should not be overlooked as well.  Take action from learned lessons this past year and do not stay stuck in your current position especially with a bright summer season ahead.

Let’s keep moving forward and shine!


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