Graduate Member Spotlight: Allie Greaney

Allison Greaney

PhD Candidate

Biomedical Engineering

Yale University


            Allie is a very involved graduate member in SWE, and currently holds the positions of President and GradSWE Committee Co-Chair for Yale SWE. In her time in these leadership positions, the Yale section has been awarded the Outstanding Collegiate Section – Gold Award, Best Practices in Mentoring, SWE Resource Promotion, and the Region F Membership Programs Award. Allie was part of the Collegiate Leadership Institute in 2017 and 2018 and was named an FY18 SWE Future Leader.

Thesis: Developing a functional tracheal replacement graft

Allie’s research focuses on pulmonary tissue engineering. For her thesis project, she is working to address three of the biggest challenges to clinical adoption of engineered tracheal replacement grafts: (1) mechanical sufficiency (2) re-epithelialization and (3) host response. The overarching goal of this work is to develop a functional replacement graft for patients with long-segment tracheal damage, which can be caused by cancer, trauma, infection, or prolonged intubation. Additionally, she works on a team within her lab conducting research on whole lung tissue engineering, with the broader goal of developing bioengineered lung transplants. It takes a village to make a lung, so her focus within the group is specifically on airway epithelial cell sourcing and culture.

After completing her PhD, Allie plans to follow the research she loves, likely remaining in academia to someday run her own lab in lung or some other type of tissue engineering. She aspires to inspire the next generation of biomedical engineers, particularly those who have historically struggled to find their place in the field, through excellent research and strong mentorship.

Outside of lab, Allie enjoys hanging out with friends, doing yoga, biking, baking, and doing crossword puzzles.

Fun Fact from Allie: I am a member of the 2019 Cohort of Homeward Bound, an international program for women leaders in STEM to develop their skills around leadership development and strategic programming, culminating in an all-women expedition to Antarctica at the end of the year! (Applications for the next cohort just opened:


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