Voting Opportunities in the Society!

Calling all graduate students! This year has been especially exciting, as we have gained significant rights as collegiate members. A change in the bylaws now allows you to vote for the FY19 Board of Directors, Trustees, and Senate Leadership. FY19 will be the first year that collegiate members can participate in this vote, so exercise your right!

Positions up for vote include:

  • Board of Directors Positions: President-Elect, Treasurer, and three Directors. These leaders help guide the direction of our society: they are very involved in creating the strategic plan of the Society.
  • Trustees: The trustees are responsible for managing the assets in the SWE Endowment Fund and in the SWE Reserve Fund.
  • Senate Leadership & your last Region Senator: You will each get the chance to elect a senator to represent your region, and therefore to represent you and your interests. The Senate leadership will help facilitate the issues discussed in the senate. This is the last year we will ever elect region senators! As we move away from regions, all senate members will be key to our transition.

Be sure to check out the election site to get more info on the candidates so you can make an informed decision!



How to Vote

To vote, log-on to and enter the control code you received in a recent e-mail. Note: only SWE members are eligible to vote. If you have questions about voting, feel free to e-mail Carolyn at and I can help you figure things out!


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