Graduate Member Spotlight: Claire Wemp

Claire Wemp
PhD Student, Mechanical Engineering
UC Berkeley
Claire is a very accomplished graduate student expecting to finish her PhD in May 2018. As an undergraduate student, she served as Vice President of the Santa Clara University SWE section. As a graduate student, she spread the support of SWE to graduate students at her institution and helped to start the GradSWE group at UC Berkeley. Claire has been recognized by the National Science Foundation through the Graduate Fellowship Research Program.
At UC Berkeley, Claire studies enhanced heat transfer with zinc oxide nanostructured surfaces. In this research field, Claire makes hydrophilic surfaces by coating metal with Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles. She then studies the heat transfer benefits of water evaporation on these nano-structured surfaces — as it turns out, she can get over two times better heat transfer during evaporation and boiling with the coating!
Claire is graduating soon, and currently plans to spend time in industry to develop  stronger real-world applications for her engineering toolbox. Eventually, she hopes to go back into academia at a teaching university and be an awesome engineering professor! We know that she will succeed at whatever she sets her mind to!
Outside of lab, Claire loves to cook and bake new things. She uses YouTube to learn new recipes and techniques and shes is currently exploring Japanese cuisine.
Fun Fact: “I’ve been singing in choirs and voice lessons since I was little. More recently, I’ve been in two operas with a semi-pro opera troupe in the Bay Area!” 
Keep up the good work Claire, and best of luck on your defense!

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