Embracing A New Season!

Spring is in the air, well for some of us.

This month kicked off the March Equinox and in the Earth’s northern hemisphere this marks a new season, Spring.  Similarly, this commemorates the opposite season in the southern hemisphere, Autumn. With the new seasons in bloom, this can commonly bring along shifts or new trajectories.  Hopefully this season brings trajectories toward setting new goals or completing remaining tasks over the next few months.

To stay inspired and fully bloom this Spring or to have a great Autumn harvest, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

*Set and maintain your deadlines
Keep a tab on things with deadlines. Many of your assignments or projects already have due date, but you can incorporate an internal deadline or schedule for yourself to ensure you complete them on time. Also, you can stay accountable with a peer on your progress and on your timetable for completing goals.

*Keep an eye on the big picture
Stay encouraged that you are making progress and congratulate progress whether it is in big leaps or small steps.   Take a recollection of where you are in working toward your project tasks and stay aligned in the grand scheme of things.  Keep a tab on the small steps that are adding toward the big picture. You are moving forward!!

*Use available resources/support
Make sure you use the resources around you to help propel you this season. If you are working on tasks as a group, make sure all parties are actively doing there part.  Most universities contain departments or centers, whether its a writing center or tutoring lab, that serve as sources of assistance to help students complete assignments or projects.  Be sure to make use of these resources as they are there to serve you.  You can also have a friend review something or provide you with candid feedback on your ideas, if needed. You can even make use of your GradSWE community to get insight on your efforts.

And last, but not least…

*Reward yourself
Work Hard. Play Hard. Make sure you reward yourself for progress you are making toward your project tasks and career goals.   Several of you may have the delegated traditions of “spring break” at your institutions.  Take advantage of this if you can in some way whether you select one day to sleep in, take a road trip or try that new sport
activity. Or you can officially schedule a few days off to have a spring vacation and just relax. This time “off” can assist in rejuvenating you to complete the remaining goals at hand. You can even use this time to check out the latest podcasts and gain other SWEetful insight to help propel you forward.

Go ahead and spring forward or fall into action this season!


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