Graduate Member Spotlight: Kazi Tasneem

Graduate Member Spotlight

Kazi Tasneem

PhD Candidate

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Vanderbilt University


            Kazi has been a member of the Society of Women Engineers since 2010. She currently serves as the Region D Graduate Representative as well as the WeLocal Liaison. She also participates in the International Graduate Team within GradSWE. In the past, she has held positions such as Professional Development and Sponsorship Chair at the University of Central Florida.

Kazi’s participation in conferences goes beyond the typical SWE conference experiences. Kazi has been active at WE conferences, and has served as a Graduate Judge for the Undergraduate Rapid Fire sessions. She has attended the Collegiate Leadership Institute held at the WE conferences, as well as the Academic Leadership for Women in Engineering Program, for which she won a travel grant.

Outside of SWE, Kazi volunteers her time through FabFems, which is a mentoring program. She also participates in the Advisory Panel for the International Chemical Engineering and Science Magazine, ChE Thoughts. Kazi also served as the Vice President and Treasurer of the Bangladeshi Student Association during a time period where the University of Central Florida recognized the group for its efforts. For her extensive efforts and successes, Kazi was awarded the Frank Hubbard Engineering Scholarship for her extracurricular activities and Graduate Presentation Fellowship.

Kazi is not only active in outreach and diversity work, but is very successful in her research. She was awarded Best Paper by The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society this past year. She represented Bangladesh as Young Researcher and attended the 59th Meeting of Nobel Prize Winners in Chemistry in Germany.

Prior to her current graduate work, Kazi received a MSc in Materials Science and Engineering from University of Central Florida as well as a MSc in Environmental Engineering with Dean’s Fellowship from Carnegie Mellon University.  She completed her Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

With a multidisciplinary background with experiences in Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Science and Engineering, Kazi has been working in the area of the characterization of toxicants and their effect to environment and human health experimentally and computationally. Her current research area involves computational prediction for drug transport and its toxic effect in human, using powerful modeling tools computational fluid dynamics to investigate chemical toxicity in human organ on chip microsystems. She also works on an exciting computational project in which she models cellular signaling of calcium around tissue-level wounds.

Kazi has worked as a Laboratory Lecturer at the University of Pittsburgh for a year, and found she enjoyed teaching. Because of this positive experience, she is considering a career in academia, however she is keeping her options open between academia and industry.

Outside of her research and active outreach service, Kazi enjoys watching Netflix, cooking, and strength training. Her personal best is currently a 125lbs deadlift! She hopes to continue achieving PR’s as she continues in this hobby.

Interestingly, Kazi attended an acting class at Carnegie Mellon, where she performed as Julia Roberts from Notting Hill and she got an A for acting! Kazi loves to sing. She has had 5 years of training for Tagore song. As an undergraduate, she participated in singing performances in Bangladesh.

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