A SWEet Start to the New Year!

Happy 2018 to All!

It is a new year which can indicate new beginnings or a fresh start on resolutions and/or goals.  There is no time like the present to get started on all the things you may have considered or thought about last year or even in the last few weeks.

In this regard, it is a new year to consider graduate school and/or maximize your graduate school experience.  SWE expands further on these graduate school resources including strategies throughout your graduate school journey, steps in applying and funding sources to consider in graduate school.

Speaking of funding sources, its a new year to apply for SWE scholarships .  The SWE scholarship application system for the 2018-2019 academic year is officially open and scholarships are available for freshmen through graduate student levels.  Scholarship applications, particularly for graduate students, are due February 15th.  So make sure you submit an application today!

This new year also brings new opportunities to network at WE Locals.  WE Local conferences brings together participants in all stages of their collegiate and/or professional journeys with a host of professional development workshops, inspirational speakers, networking opportunities and outreach activities.  With WE Local Tulsa just wrapping up, the next couple ones approaching are WE Local Phoenix and WE Local Milwaukee.  Check out the upcoming WE Local schedule to identify the next one, near you!

And 2018 is also a new year to be recognized for your efforts and a chance to acknowledge the works of others with SWE Individual Awards.  Nominations are currently open to advance and honor the contributions of SWE members and individuals enhancing the engineering profession through contributions to industry, education and the community. Be sure to check out the latest information on the SWE Individual Awards and make your nominations by the March 31st deadline.

Go ahead and take those steps into new opportunities, maximizing experiences and reaching resolutions this year.  Make it a SWEet start in the New Year!



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