Safe Space Calls: A forum to discuss bias and harassment

Have you ever felt the effects of gender bias in your STEM discipline? Or worse, have you ever experienced sexual harassment? These are difficult issues to tackle on your own, as a victim or a bystander. If you are looking to discuss these issues with your colleagues, but are unsure if you want to open up to your immediate co-workers, the GradSWE safe space calls are the perfect option for you. Callers can easily remain anonymous while also revealing personal details about these trials. The purpose of these calls is to give callers a platform to discuss these issues. Groups of 5-10 GradSWE participants will be formed based on the survey results, and the calls will be scheduled accordingly.


In order to help ease into some of these topics, we will also be collecting stories about microaggressions, biases, or harassments you may have experienced. The calls will begin by discussing these scenarios, and conversation will spin off from here. These calls are an incredibly useful way to step back from your experiences and truly evaluate what was wrong, and how you can help to address it efficiently should it occur again. Other callers may have had similar experiences and found clever ways to deal with these microaggressions that could help you too!  To participate in this supportive, community event, please fill out the survey below. Feel free to contact Carolyn Chlebek (call organizer) with any questions or concerns at



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