Still time to savor 2017, GradSWE & You

As 2017 comes to an end, many people often look back over the year and reflect.  This refection period can also cause people to consider missed opportunities and even in some cases -their regrets.
When it comes to GradSWE, several of you may consider opportunities you did not serve or participate such as meetings, conferences or presentations.  With that being said I want to highlight ways you can still get involved in this last week of 2017.
A few options for you to consider include:
Joining the GradSWE Leadership Team -*Call for Graduate Programming Coordinator (GPC) -Elect*
If you are looking for an exciting opportunity to join the GradSWE leadership team and specifically work alongside the current GPC organizing graduate student focused events at the annual conference, then this opportunity is for you!  Apply here by December 31st!
Volunteering Opportunities
GradSWE and SWE always welcomes volunteers for various tasks including the request for judges for SWE Scholarships available in the spring.  For more information, click here.
Becoming A Mentor
If you are interested in growing the next generation of women engineers and/or have professional experiences you’d like to share with graduate students following a similar career path, the GradSWE mentoring program is for you!  You can sign up here and for more questions/clarifications, feel free to email our mentoring coordinators at
Staying up to date on Webinars and Podcasts
You can still gain access to informative webinars and podcasts to get encouraged as well as gain the necessary tools as you prepare toward the year ahead.
Attending Upcoming Events
You can prepare for upcoming events such as WE Local Tulsa, Phoenix, Milwaukee, Portland and Providence.  And for members interested in sharing your research, the 2018 Collegiate Competitions for both WE Local Portland and Providence are now accepting online abstract submissions.  The abstract submission deadlines for WE Local Portland and Providence are January 12, 2018 and January 26, 2018.   Be sure to sign up and share your innovative research efforts with the SWE community.
Stay connected for the latest WE Local events updates including other involvement opportunities such as conference volunteer and/or presenter openings.
GradSWEsters, there is still time to get engaged and work toward your goals!  Savor the remainder of the year 2017 and even get started on your 2018 ambitions today!

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