Interested in designing tools for STEM education?

Calling all graduate students interested in having an impact on future STEM education! The National Science Foundation is looking to fund research that supports the design of next generation digital learning environments for STEM. As graduate students, many of us have likely taken STEM courses or even taught portions of STEM courses. We are in the perfect transition zone to know what students in STEM courses need to supplement their learning, but can also appreciate the ease of implementation from a teaching standpoint. If you have ideas on how to improve STEM learning in a digital setting, or want to contribute to existing ideas, this is a great project to join! Specifically, the NSF is looking for projects focused on STEM learning environments in digital settings.

The NSF is asking for conference-type proposals that can be presented at the NSF at a conference with all other awardees. Graduate student and postdoc involvement is recommended in the proposal instructions! The ideal team will be able to describe the proposed perspectives on their digital learning platform, engage innovative design thinking to outline their ideas for a future learning environment, and describe the theoretical, methodological or programming obstacles that may need further research and development.

If this project submission is chosen by the NSF, the team will draft a white paper which will be shared with NSF staff and a broader audience, as well as use their digital platform to impact a range of audiences.

The deadline for this application proposal is January 22, 2018 so join the team now! To join, e-mail to be connected with other interested SWE members and start working on this project.


Find more information on this NSF-funded program here:



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