You are NOT a Failure: Just Lessons are Learned

Recently, I contemplated the idea of failure. Its such as daunting word and one which many people would rather not acknowledge. Commonly, failure can be regarded as not succeeding or omission in a task or one’s goal. And honestly, who would actually like to admit that?

However, I encourage you all to consider failures or mistakes as a step toward your success. When we fail or rather not succeed in our goal, lessons are learned and options can be crossed off. This typically will leave you in a better position to succeed going forward. Some regard failures as stepping stones for greatness and regarded as a step in which you simply fail gracefully. Embrace the mistakes and things along your path that makes your adventure your own!  Do not take it personally!  If your idea or goal was not a success, it should not equate to you being deemed as a failure.

Remember to continue to move forward -get back on the horse or back in the game! This can also create a moment of gratitude in knowing what did not work and going forward with an improved direction. You can be thankful and proud that you took that step of courage. Be excited about that move you did make even though it may have not  turned out as expected.   Know you gave it your best effort and made it that far as other people may not have been able to reach it to that step.

I say all this to hopefully encourage you all, but also highlight that in your future steps and path, you can take advantage of not only your GradSWE network, but our larger SWE family.  Our SWE membership consist of a talented range of women who could provide you guidance or insight on your paths ahead -do not be afraid to network!

Also, be sure to keep a look out for webinars & podcasts announcements, which can cover a range of topics whether considering graduate school, starting a business or transitioning careers. For more information on previous GradSWE webinars, click here! Also, if you have a relevant topic you would like to discuss for a webinar, click here!

As 2017 is winding now, be fearless and take those chances exploring new and exciting opportunities! You are stronger than you think -stay encouraged GradSWEsters!


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