Be the best you: manage your stress

Hi fellow graduate students!

As we head into the meaty time of our semesters, try to manage your stress level so you can be the best version of yourself for work, class, research, and your personal life! Here are some tips to help keep your stress level low:

  1. Love your body! If your body responds well to exercise, try to plan time in your busy schedule to work out. Try to schedule your work-outs with friends or buddies – this will make you feel more responsible to attend! If your body responds best to a full night of sleep, be sure to go to bed early enough to treat your body. Check out some apps on your phone that can help you plan your sleep schedule. In addition to loving your body, make sure you love your mind too – if you work better after a bit of meditation, be sure to include this into your typical day.
  2. Make sure you save time for the things you love outside of work and class – even if this is just a TV show, or stress baking. While it can sometimes feel like you are “wasting time” these short breaks are necessary to help you manage your stress level.
  3. Stay in touch with your support system! Call family, friends, significant others, or anyone who can help you forget about your work for a bit. These people will help fuel you to the finish line, so use them!
  4. Allow yourself some time to celebrate the small victories! Finish a project? Have a successful experiment? Treat yo’ self. Allow yourself the gratification of completing a task. These victory celebrations can help fuel you through your next challenge.
  5. Check out the resources on your campus that help manage stress. Some schools offer free food, spa nights, or free group exercise. These activities are easy to do with your co-workers, and can help break up your day

Most importantly, remember that you are all amazing individuals! Power through your challenges! Keep your career goals in mind, and remind yourself how these small tasks will give you skills that will propel you to your future aspirations.

Best of luck! Stay positive!


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