Being Social Media Savvy!

So much excitement is in the air with we17 just around the corner!

With that being said as Social Media Chair, I just wanted to share a few tips for being smart and savvy on your social media networks. As networking is a huge part of we17, there is great possibility that you can meet your future employers, business colleagues and intellectual collaborators. With our technology advancing world, you can be sure that many people will view your social media profile, posts, tweets, videos, pictures and more to learn as much as they can about you.  In this case, being aware of your social media presence or rather what it says about you is pretty important for building your brand and/or reputation.

So a few general tips in putting your best foot forward are as follows:

Convey your Aims/Interests
Your media outlets serve as representation of you and your interests, goals and personality.  Be sure what you want to show to future collaborators or colleagues are represented, you never know who is looking at your tweets, profile or posts. You can even have a friend or two browse over your profiles and websites to help give opinions on your material if your message comes across and even if it may or may not be appropriate.

Be Selective on Photos
You know there is a saying “A picture is worth 1000 words”, so be sure the best pictures are present conveying the best message you want representing you. Definitely enjoy life, but be cautious about what you share (in which this could also be a matter of understanding your privacy/sharing settings). In this digital world we live in, we can
be sure we are judged by the company we keep and what we post. Be visible, but you may not want to show everything (pun intended).  Be aware what the public sees can be interpreted as a reflection of you and your lifestyle.

Being active, showing well rounded personality/likability
If you have an account established, go ahead and use it! Be sure to highlight the good stuff in your life which can include academics such as those publications and research presentations as well as the not so academic such as that chorus performance or home run you hit out of the park. Enjoy your browsing and like or tag articles/posts or other things you agree with and/or support, but again be conscious that it can be interpreted as a representation of your beliefs/values.

These are just a few tips to get you started. There are many many more tips available out there and some sources can even provide specific feedback depending on which social media outlet is being used.  Be sure and do your homework, GradSWEsters!

Happy and Smart Posting! And for many of you, see you in Austin, TX!


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