Make Use of Your GradSWE Support and Your SWE Voice

For more than six decades, SWE has given women engineers a unique place and voice within the engineering industry -this is true for those collegiate and professionals at the graduate level as well.

I read several articles recently highlighting the harsh reality indicating women often leave the male dominated field of engineering.  A commonality among women who left the field revealed concerns in the culture with negative group dynamics and often feeling marginalized throughout their educational and workforce experiences.  Suggestions to combat this environment were not only advancing engineering education standards, but also addressing gendered expectations in engineering programs and ultimately in the workforce.

This aligns greatly to the support GradSWE and our SWE network offers in this initiative.  For starters, SWE serves as a voice and outlet for women throughout different stages in their career and education.   SWE partners and collaborates with corporations to continue vouching for diversity initiatives in different types of organizations.

To experience this support and voice empowerment for yourself, check out the reputable annual  we17  conference.  Many conference workshops and sessions are geared directly in this initiative in supporting women to navigate through the reality of challenging work environments whether at internships, co-ops, and in your academic departments. Not only can the struggles as women in the field be discussed, but also women of different races, ethnic backgrounds and cultural differences can be shared and collaborated on in order to empower one another going forward.

A few examples of these sessions at we17 in Austin, Texas, USA include:

A Woman Among Men: Thriving in a Male-Dominated Workforce [Inclusion and Cultural Awareness Session]

  • Held on Thursday, October 26th @ 3:15pm-4:15pm

Advocates for Women Engineers in the Global Marketplace: Partnering with SWE for Success [Advocating for Change Session]

  • Held on Friday, October 27th @ 10:00am-11:15am

Empowering Women of Color in Academia – The Missing Conversation on Unspoken Challenges [Women in Academia Session]

  • Held on Saturday, October 28th @ 2:45pm-3:45pm

More details on locations/changes will be provided in conference agenda -be sure to check for these sessions and many, many more.

Furthermore, GradSWE support these efforts with structured leadership roles advocating in diversity and inclusion as well as international engagement information for members. SWE also acknowledges further commitment with embracing diversity in order to work collaboratively and support each one another with various Affinity groups.  And by no means, does the efforts stop there –you too can be a part of the discussion and GradSWE can help in developing your ideas further! We are a network of women with years of experience and knowledge eager to uplift women in aspiring, advancing and achieving their dreams.  Be fearless GradSWE!


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