Create an effective LinkedIn profile today!

LinkedIn is similar to a professional Facebook. It is a powerful networking and industry research tool. It is a great platform for professional networking and provides additional features (more than a resume).

Here are some tips to create a strong LinkedIn profile and utilize the available resources:

  • Important areas to highlight in the profile page:
    • Photo: It is strongly encouraged that you have a professional photo on LinkedIn because people feel more comfortable connecting with you when they can see a photo.
    • Headline: Create a keyword rich headline based on career interests that will attract the attention of recruiters.
    • Skills & Expertise: Highlight your skills and get endorsed by people within your network.
    • Recommendations: This is one of the reasons LinkedIn is better than just a resume because the recruiter/hiring manager is able to see recommendations from past supervisors, co-workers, etc.
    • Include Experience, Education, Projects, Publications (links to online publications), Courses, Honors and Awards, Location (where you want to get hired).
  • Use the LinkedIn platform to people/members who graduated with similar degrees to identify industries/career fields/employers.
  • You can find connections and get introduced through them to people in their network.
  • Important things to remember:
    • Get a customizable URL
    • Utilize your summary space
    • Post, like, share daily to reach a larger audience
    • Just like a resume—use numbers!
    • Remember to update your profile with a new job/skill
    • Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations
    • Don’t connect with people you’ve never met without an introduction
  • Resources:



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