Grad Member Spotlight: April L. Keene

April Keene

April L. Keene

MS Electrical Engineering, Wright State University

April L. Keene is an enthusiastic technical analyst and team leader where she bridges the gap between details and impact through technical storytelling. Mrs. Keene’s interests have been primarily focused on waveform level modeling to include digital signal processing (DSP), antenna receiver capability and limitations, and radar analysis with a priority on increasing aircraft survivability through electronic countermeasures (ECM). Her work directly aids the Air Force by reducing live testing costs.

From undergraduate involvement to her current role as one of the SWE Professional Graduate Team Leads, Mrs. Keene has always made her community and SWE a priority in her life. From Section Representative for her professional section, South Ohio, to Region G Nominating Committee Chair, she has focused her efforts on supporting the organization locally and regionally.

In addition to her society roles, Mrs. Keene is the Booz Allen Firm-Wide SWE Deputy Program Manager (term 2016-2018). She works directly with the program manager and the Booz Allen SWE Partner Steering Committee—senior firm-wide leadership—in establishing plans and goals for Booz Allen’s Corporate Partnership Council (CPC) and internal funds. Ms. Keene is also working with the regional ambassadors at their respective geographic offices to help grow their SWE presence and leadership support.


What is your degree program (MS/PhD, department)? When do you expect to graduate?

I’m pursuing the continuation of my education and along the way I hope to gain my Masters in Electrical Engineering with a focus on signal processing. For me, graduate school allows me to deep dive into specific areas and expand my knowledge and support my full time work. I take courses as they fit my interest, and at this point in time, I think my expected graduation is 2020. However, my priority is on learning versus checking the boxes to get a diploma, so depending on what’s offered it may be sooner or later

Give a brief explanation of your research experience.

As a professional returning to school, I’m not looking to switch tracks or careers and am focused on complimenting the current work that I do. Therefore all of my research experience has been directly tied to my full time work the past 7 years. For school my focus has been on understanding the basics on signal processing beyond the toolkits provided by Mathworks, so that I can move towards developing my own innovative techniques. My research is on understanding the rules, so that I can break them appropriately.

What do you hope to do with your degree? What are your career goals?

I don’t think this degree will provide me with a groundbreaking new option, but it does provide me more tools with which to use in my career.

What are some of your hobbies? What do you do in your free time?

I enjoy woodworking and have built an outdoor table, a kitchen bench, and a bunk bed for my daughters. I’m currently developing plans for our garage and shopping for table saws to continue to learn and build new furniture which includes cabinets for our kitchen renovation.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I absolutely love reading, and I love listening to podcasts.


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