Status Update from Professional Graduate Task Force Leaders

Hello readers!

Here’s an update on what your faithful Professional Graduate Task Force Leaders (April Keene and Elizabeth Rasmussen) have been up to recently!

Research on enrollment into management vs technical post undergraduate programs

As mentioned in a previous blog post we are interested in understanding the motivation/ pathways that lead women to  pursue a technical graduate degree.

Professor Teresa Carador recently published a research paper (that can be found at this website: identifying how a large portion of women with an undergraduate degree in engineering change career paths to a management role. Dr. Carador explains this as:

“an inverted role hierarchy in engineering [that] may explain these gendered career patterns and their unintended consequences. By inverted role hierarchy I mean the valuing of technical over managerial roles.”

Elizabeth reached out to Professor Carador and has started a discussion about collaboration to study the connection between women pursuing a technical or managerial graduate degree after obtaining a technical undergraduate degree.

We will keep you posted on the work as it progresses, and may ask YOU to help us along the way!
Cardador, M. Teresa. “Promoted Up But Also Out? The Unintended Consequences of Increasing Women’s Representation in Managerial Roles in Engineering.” Organization Science (2017).

Coming Soon: GradSWE Podcast

Many of the resources that GradSWE is developing benefit professionals, too, but may just need to be packaged and delivered differently (i.e. email vs. blog post).

Welcome the Professional Graduate Team to FY18

We have been working with the GradSWE Webinar Coordinator, Elisa Duesing, to establish the process for implementing a podcast through SWE that will be tailored to graduate students who are or have been professional members. This is in support of our focus to expand products our team is already pursuing and package them in new ways to support not only professionals but also collegiates on the go.

We’re still learning the ropes, but expect to see something in the next few weeks with more information on where to subscribe.

If this is something you like or have a topic you’d want us to discuss on the podcast, please reach out to us.

Grind work (i.e. keeping things moving forward)

Grind work is the work that is necessary to successful operations. In video games it is when one has to do repetitive and relatively simple tasks in order to achieve something needed in advanced stages of a game. Think of repetitive virtual fishing to obtain enough food to go on a quest. Or like in a mathematics class when you do 50 practice problems so that you really understand the problem type and can also go back to the work in the future and understand what was done and why.

For us, this translates into attending GradSWE conference calls, checking up on our ( email account, and other miscellaneous things like writing this blog post.

Grind work is not necessarily extremely exciting, but it is worth noting and gives transparency to the inner workings of GradSWE.

Whew, that was a lot, enough about us, we’d love to hear from you! If you read something here that you would like to contact us about please see below for our contact information.

How to contact us:

If you have an idea for a resource that isn’t already available but would be beneficial, or have any other Professional GradSWE thoughts — please email us!

Additionally, if you are a company representative and would like to know how you can help your employees in continued education we would love to help out, please email us too!

Professional program email –


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