Start the Year off Right: How to get involved in SWE

If you are looking for more ways to get involved in SWE, and you are reading this blog post, you are off to a good start! SWE is a great resource for graduate students, and has many options so that you can find what works best for you. Below I have outlined several of these options and ways to get involved.

  1. First step in getting more involved is becoming an official member! Check out the membership options at The “Collegiate to Career” is a great ,affordable way to get involved in SWE.
  2. Find GradSWE through all media outlets
    1. Join the e-mail list:
    2. Check out the GradSWE blog (where this article has been posted):
    3. Watch out for helpful webinars. These will be advertised through the e-mails as well.
    4. Like us on Facebook!
    5. Follow us on Instagram @swegradcommunity
    6. Check us out on twitter @SWE_grad
    7. Check out resources on Some of the resources meant for professionals will also be useful to you in your professional development. Look out for scholarships on as well!
  3. Go to a conference! (Annual conference info is found at , and look out for the WeLocal conferences this coming spring)
    1. The annual conference offers an INCREDIBLE amount great professional development and networking opportunities.
    2. Career Fair – Many companies come to these conferences to recruit great students like you! Additionally, there is a great program to help graduate students as they transition into jobs in academia – ALWE, so there are options for everyone.
    3. The sessions offered throughout annual conference are a great way to improve your soft skills, and there will be several sessions geared specifically towards graduate students.
  4. Get involved at the section level at your university
    1. Get to know the women in your department to form a good network and support system. These women will be your allies throughout graduate school and afterwards, so use SWE to help connect with them. Most engineering departments are male-dominated, so it is a bonus to be able to meet and engage with the few other women in your department.
    2. Get involved with outreach events to engage young girls in engineering
      1. These events will allow you to practice teaching STEM topics and will be incredibly beneficial if you are considering a career in academia. They are also great times to practice your leadership skills, which are transferrable to any career path.
      2. Show off your research! These events are great ways to be reminded that what you do in the lab really does matter. Talking to kids about your research and getting your ideas out to the public is a very important, and often underrated, role of a grad student.
    3. Mentor undergraduate students through your SWE section. These students may be considering going to grad school and would greatly benefit from your knowledge!
    4. Get connected with future employers! Sections often have professional development events as well as opportunities to engage with future employers.
  5. Get involved at the societal level
    1. Region Grad Reps are the point person for their regions, and represent the needs of graduate students. Get more leadership experience and make a difference in your region!
    2. Looking for a mentor? Check out Grad SWE’s mentoring program
    3. Like providing professional development workshops? Look into the Leadership Coaching Committee, which provides great professional development opportunities for all sections. Help sections provide their members with great new resources.
    4. Think we need more grad representation in societal SWE? Check out all of the amazing committees within SWE, and if the topic appeals to you, request to join. You’ll learn more about the area in SWE and help us to be more inclusive of women at all stages of their career. Additionally, you can check out leadership roles within your section, or even the SWE Senate!

  1. Check out some of the Affinity Groups! These are great resources to meet more amazing members, and offer additional resources for SWE members that qualify as double minorities in engineering. There are also some affinity groups geared towards minority-related careers, such as small businesses and women in government.
  2. Have more ideas and want to support the Graduate SWE Team? Send in ideas for webinars, new events, and ways to support grad students! Feel free to e-mail these thoughts to me at:
  1. Check out some of SWE’s great tool kit, specifically for grad students:
  2. Have something you’re proud of? Send us a spotlight post so we can feature you on the blog! Feel free to send in spotlights for your friends as well! Share your accomplishments with the GradSWE community!

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