Make A Networking Step with GradSWE!

Hello GradSWEsters and Happy Summer!

I am delighted to greet you all as your FY18 Social Media Coordinator.  I am looking forward to keeping you all informed of the latest GradSWE buzz and news.  As a part of my reign, every few weeks I will also share an interesting tidbit or enlightening discussion point with you all.

Over the last few weeks, I have read several articles providing tips for women business leaders and entrepreneurs in which a common piece of advice focused on the power of networking with other women.  Initially, there were notions of how there seems to be a gap in the lack of women leader role models.  It is imperative for women to see other women have broken these barriers and paved the way so more women can follow and create new paths of their own.

With that being said, as leading women in engineering, future business owners, and creative innovators be sure to use the network around you and what other place to start then SWE!  Many of our members serve as role models as entrepreneurs and leading women in industry in a range of fields all over the world.  If you are not a part of GradSWE and our larger SWE family, be sure to get connected to our cohort of leaders as SWE does not by any means lack a range of leaders as well as opportunities for leadership growth.

There are many ways to connect with women in the organization including through resources such as mentoring groups, interactive webinars, informative podcasts and within our social media outlets. In addition, there are numerous resources, learning tools and programs with all different types of interest that you can align your passions with as well as grow your own seeds. These women serve as a great body of support in a unique way as it can be expected that they would have dealt with similar challenges and issues while building successful empires.

You can reach out to your fellow SWEsters in your own backyards within graduate sections and at the upcoming WE Local events.  And of course, with the theme of Always Connecting, Always Engineering, what other event will connect you and increase your network with over 11,700 women in attendance? None other than the highly anticipated WE17 conference coming this fall in October.  For more on WE17:

Let GradSWE be your step into a larger network of professional and business women.  Even as graduate students, do not be afraid to ADVANCE thoughts into creations, ASPIRE meaningful collaborations, and ACHIEVE success positively impacting the world.

Summer dreams -Not Deferred! Let’s go GradSWE!


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