Top Ten Apps Every International Student Should Have

Hi everyone!

I’m so excited for the first official blog post from the GradSWE international team. As the International Graduate Team Lead, a position that was created this year, I strive to improve our international engagement efforts and to help international graduate students with their transition to a new country! As a former international grad student myself, I’ve experienced dealing with the social and cultural changes that are normal when transitioning to a new country.

I’d like each of my blog posts to be as beneficial as possible, targeting one topic each time. If you’re an international student that has either been in the US or is planning on moving here for grad school, feel free to email me at with any topics you’d like to be covered, or any other questions you may have! For today’s post, I want to share the top ten smartphone applications you should download before moving to the US:

  1. Google Translate – if you’re not perfectly fluent in English, Google Translate can save you time when you’re in a tough spot in a foreign country.
  2. Google Maps – this one might be obvious but I wanted to include it because it’s so easy to lose your bearings in a new country!
  3. Google Drive – this post is not sponsored by Google I promise, but a Master’s degree without Google Drive is like going to an 8 AM class without coffee šŸ˜
  4. Transit – I used this app to navigate the bus system, but definitely research for any other public transportation apps that might be more relevant to the city you’re moving to.
  5. Uber / Lyft – it might be tempting to save money and use public transport all the time, but when you’re out late at night, having a ride share app is key.
  6. University Specific App – research your University’s smartphone app as it could have useful information like campus events, campus maps, where to eat, etc.
  7. TasteBud – speaking of food, TasteBud offers great discounts on restaurants near campus.
  8. UberEats / Postmates / Favor – for those days when you have too much work and can’t cook a meal or go out to a restaurant, use these apps to get your food delivered to you. Don’t skip your meal – you need energy to work!
  9. Ibotta – if you’re big on saving money, this app is a good one that helps you with rebates on your grocery bills.
  10. Indeed – this is a great app to get a head start on your job / internship search.

A lot of these apps offer great discounts when you’re a first time user or you refer your friends, so keep that in mind and save those dollars! Good luck if you’re moving to a new country this Fall! You’ve got this girl šŸ™‚



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