GradSWE – Welcome to FY18!

Genevieve First Blog

Welcome to FY18 my fellow SWE Members!  I am excited to continue my work on the GradSWE team this year, now as your Graduate Member Coordinator.

Many changes are coming about in SWE this year, and as we being our new year in GradSWE, we announce that we have expanded our community to include sub-teams! As such, I’d like to introduce the rest of the Grad Community Leadership team. Our team for FY18 is:

  • Graduate Member Coordinator (GMC): Genevieve Kane
  • GMC-Elect: Carolyn Chlebek
  • Graduate Programming Coordinator (GPC): Emily Hoffman
  • GPC-Elect: Jodi Boutte
  • Social Media Coordinator (SMC): Renee Oats
  • Webinar Coordinator (WC): Elisa Duesing
  • Mentoring Coordinators (MC): Josa Hanzlik and Angelica (de Rosa) Payne
  • Professional Graduate Team Leads:  April Keene and Elizabeth Rasmussen
  • International Team Lead: Akshaya Iyer
  • Graduate Transition Lead: Prerna Jain
  • Diversity and Inclusion Liaison: Bridget Hegarty


You can read a short bio about each person and a little bit about the positions here:  Over the next few months, we will be spotlighting members of our team, so you can get to know them better!


Goals for FY18

With an expanded team, we have the opportunity to better address issues that graduates face and help advocate for graduate students in the society!   Some of the plans that we currently have include:

  • Continued use of our online presence to contact all of our SWE grad members.
  • Improve resources and knowledge sharing for grad students and SWE grad groups.
  • Offering mentoring options for graduate students through our revamped mentoring program.
  • Increasing our international presence through GradSWE globalization efforts, as well as helping international students that are new to our country with new SWE resources.
  • Identify needs of graduate student members within Professional sections or with Professional grade memberships.
  • Navigate the governance transitions, and create a strategic plan for GradSWE in order to maintain our presence in SWE.


If you have any suggestions for us, free to email me at (or comment on our social media).  We’d love to hear any and all ideas on how the grad community can better serve your needs.


How to get Involved!

This upcoming year is full of ways to increase your involvement with the SWE Grad Community, especially with the formation of our new sub teams!  Here are a few examples on how to get involved:

  1. Become a Region Grad Rep. Some Regions still need RGRs for FY18 (our final year for Region representation). Email me to ask if a position in your region is available!
  2. Participate in your local SWE Grad Group or start one within your SWE section. Current SWE Grad Groups are listed here.  We would love to help universities start GradSWE groups, and to see some pop up in Professional Sections as well!
  3. Join our sub-teams by expressing your interest at
  4. Attend WELocal or be part of a WELocal Host committee!
  5. Attend WE17 in Austin TX! We will have GradSWE programming at the conference as well as a reception for Grad Students!
  6. Write a guest blog post for the SWE blog. Contact Genevieve at
  7. Engage with us on social media:
    Facebook page:


I look forward to serving you during FY18 and hope that I will be able to interact with many of you personally over the course of the year through the blog, and through SWE conferences.  Many of my blog posts will talk about issues that I have faced in the past including how I navigate through grad school, the failures I’ve overcome, and how important work-life balance and healthy living is in being successful as a graduate student for me!

Here’s to a great fiscal year, and the continued growth of our SWE Graduate Community!

Genevieve Kane


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