LBNL Nanofabrication Fellowships

A number of industry employment positions are available at a semiconductor company located near Berkeley, in partnership with the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) in the fields of nano fabrication, nanocharacterization. The candidates will have research opportunities at the Lawrence Berkeley Molecular Foundry while working for industry.

A. Post-docs and PhD students
If you are a post-doc or a graduating PhD student with any Nanofabrication/Nanocharacterization/Synthesis (Material Science, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Physics,  Engineering) experience (clean room, deposition, AFM, SEM, TEM), and a US citizen/US Permanent resident please review this opportunity for a two year fellowship in industry: $75K/year plus health benefits. This is an NSF/ ASEE fellowship.
Contact: for more information
B. Masters and Undergraduate Students
B. If you are a graduating masters or undergraduate student (Material Science, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Physics, Engineering) with Nanofab/Nanocharacterization experience and seek a full time opportunity for one year as part of an exciting start-up company at LBNL please review this Applied Research Fellowship opportunity: ($40/yr-$60K/yr depending on experience) US. A $10K travel fellowship is also provided with the opportunity for attending research conferences. (US Citizen/US permanent resident)
Contact: for more information

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