Webinar next week: Challenges for women talking in meetings


Webinar date and time: March 14th at 9 PM EST

This experience may be familiar to many women: After witnessing men speaking their minds all day, you offer one firm opinion and it immediately gets perceived as angry, rude, or hostile. As a result, women have often learned to preface their ideas with “I’m sorry, but..” and “Don’t you also think…” The language of women speaking in meetings is a delicate balance: being direct without being offensive, being accommodating yet strong, being passionate while not seeming emotional.  In this session, we will all share experiences and address the biases that have created this language and ways to overcome them.

Click here to sign up for the webinar!



2 thoughts on “Webinar next week: Challenges for women talking in meetings

    • Hi Nelie,
      Yes, there will be a recording but it is delayed due to extra video processing. Please check the Advanced Learning Center in 1-2 weeks for the recording. Also, there is a possibility the webinar will be re-done given the technical issues that occurred. If you can’t find the webinar in 3 weeks time, please reach out to us again.
      ~ Liz Dreyer, Grad Member Coordinator FY17

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