Grad Member Spotlight: Prerna Jain

3 October 2016


Prerna Jain

PhD student, Chemical Engineering, expected graduation December 2017

Texas A&M

Prerna is very active within the Texas A&M SWE section and Region C. She serves as a mentor to undergraduate students and new graduate students. Within Region C, she is on the conference committee for the 2017 Region C conference and is organizing the poster competition. Additionally, she serves as the Region C Graduate Representative.

Prerna has been awarded the Guseman Award for outstanding contributions to the welfare of graduate and professional students at Texas A&M. Additionally, her research was recognized during the  19th Annual Student Research Week at Texas A&M University with the second best oral presentation award. Congratulations, Prerna, on all you’ve accomplished! Keep up the great work!

What is your degree program (MS/PhD, department)? When do you expect to graduate?

I am working on my PhD in Chemical Engineering. I expect to graduate in December 2017.

Give a brief explanation of your research.
The objective of my research is to develop a novel framework called Process Resilience Analysis Framework (PRAF), which incorporates both technical and social factors critical to risk management through an integrated method. PRAF comprises of four aspects: Early Detection (ED), Error Tolerant Design (ETD), Plasticity (P) and Recoverability (R). It assesses the industrial process system’s performance in a 3-phase dynamic analysis: predictability, survivability and recoverability. The proposed integrated methodology for risk management utilizes process, cost and safety models in an optimization platform that explicitly accounts for uncertainties such as process variations and safety constraints. This framework would enable the risk managers to predict process upsets, prioritize safety barriers to survive through upset conditions and reduce response time to recover from catastrophic failures. This research seeks to facilitate evaluation of risks at both the design and operations level in order to obtain safer operational region at maximum average profit for business continuity and sustainability.

What do you hope to do with your degree? What are your career goals?
During the PhD program, I have developed certain skills vital to be successful in an industry role: organizational skills, people skills, communication and problem solving skills. I have done internships with ExxonMobil and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which gave me the opportunity to apply what I was learning and to gain a clear understanding of my strengths. I aspire to create an impact by applying these skills to make the energy industry safer and more sustainable. Hence, I am interested in a job within the energy industry in research and development roles.

What are some of your hobbies? What do you do in your free time?

My hobbies are dancing, cooking and travelling. In my free time, I spend time with my husband trying new cooking recipes or food at new restaurants. I practice ‘Odissi’, an Indian classical dance form and have performed at several events both on and off campus.

Outside SWE, I am the Chair for Multicultural and Diversity Affairs Committee of the Graduate and Professional Student Council, Vice President of Energy Research Society and founding member of WOMEN (Women’s Organization for Motivation, Expression and Nurturing) at Texas A&M University.

What’s a fun fact about you?
I do not need any alarm to wake up. I just visualize the time to wake up in my head and it works.

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