Tips for Summer Motivation

Phd comic

The temperature may be increasing outside, but that also means for many of us so do the demands of research. As the semester comes to a close, we may not have classes to take or tests to grade as TAs, but those responsibilities are often replaced with more research demands, whether on our own projects or mentoring undergraduate interns.

A common mantra proclaimed by some academics is “summer is the best time to do research” hailing from the notion that outside responsibilities diminish at the end of the semester. While there is truth in that statement, it is also easy to  get too caught up in the demands of research, leading to diminishing productivity returns. If you’re like me and approaching your last semester before your final defense, it’s especially easy to fall into the impostor syndrome mentality during the upcoming months.

On Naturejobs, Emily Porter has listed several ways to keep our lives in check throughout the summer and reminds us that it’s okay to take a break every once in a while. In fact, it shows our confidence as researchers to keep our life in check by having outlets and hobbies as investments in our overall productivity.

Here’s to a productive, refreshing summer!




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