Grad Member Spotlight: Hannah Chang

18 April 2016


Hannah Chang

Master’s student, Aerospace Engineering, expected December 2016

Georgia Tech


Hannah has been the Georgia Tech Grad SWE President for the past two years. She was an involved SWE member since her undergrad days and loves being in SWE for the mentoring and fostering of the community and support. Hannah has the NASA Space Grant Fellowship and has previously been awarded the Gear as well as the Outstanding Georgette P Burdell awards. Congrats, Hannah, on all you’ve accomplished! Keep up the great work!




What is your degree program (MS/PhD, department)? When do you expect to graduate?

MS in Aerospace Engineering, expecting to graduate in the December of 2016


Give a brief explanation of your research.

My research focuses on the topic of metamaterials in homogeneous media. Current, I am working on acoustic cloaking using piezoelectric disks. The end goal of this research is to be able to control the shape of the cloaked region using only piezoelectric disks.


What do you hope to do with your degree? What are your career goals?

I hope to take my knowledge of structures and dynamics to spaceflight. I am currently interning for SpaceX, so to be able to apply my degree there would be the ultimate goal.


What are some of your hobbies? What do you do in your free time?

I do triathlons. I love swimming, biking, and running. Most of my (little) free time is usually spent on doing one of those activities


What’s a fun fact about you?

I’m left handed


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