Relaxing and the Imposter Complex

As a grad student, I’m constantly trying both to keep calm and to keep the imposter complex at bay. If you haven’t heard of the imposter complex, check it out here. It’s really common for graduate students to experience.

Here is where we can utilize SWE resources. Last week, I watched a recorded webinar called “The Lies of the Impostor Complex and the Truth of the Soul” by Tanya Geisler. Tanya is a leadership coach and a TEDx speaker. Then today, SWE had her do a second webinar, “The Lies of the Imposter Complex, Disarming the Critics, the Power of your Authority and the Support all around you.” I thought she was great. If you’re a SWE member, you can watch these webinairs for free at SWE Advance under Career Management & Life Transitions in the Webinar Recordings.

Her website and twitter are full of great free resources. I especially like the article on “I know you mean well, but please don’t tell me to relax.” She explains that next time someone tells you to just relax – pause, take a breath, and find your own brand of relaxation. Great resources for graduate students!


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