Help Make WE16 Great! Call for Proposals Open!

We are pleased to announce our WE16 kickoff meeting!! 

It may not seem very long since we had so much fun at WE15, but the call for proposals for WE16 is already open! If you enjoyed participating in the Graduate Community sessions at WE15 or have ideas on how to improve the grad sessions for WE16, we invite you to dial in to our community-wide teleconference! The call will be hosted by Rachel Unruh (Graduate Programming Coordinator) and Emily Hoffman (Graduate Programming Coordinator-Elect).

Date: Tuesday, February 2

Time: 8:00 pm Central (9:00 pm Eastern, 7:00 Mountain, 6:00 Pacific)

Dial In: (641) 715-3580

Access Code: 306-113

Proposals are due on March 11! Submit your proposals here. For a list of currently proposed topics, email Rachel at



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