Upcoming Regional Conferences

Although the exhilaration of the holidays has passed and we are beginning to settle into new routines for the semester, there is still more SWE excitement right around the corner! Conference kick off February 5 with Region C in Rogers, Arkansas and Region G at the University of Cincinnati.  Two weeks later, Regions A, B and J will be holding a joint conference in Seattle, Washington and Region E will be hosting their conference in Newport News, Virgina. At the end of February, West Point will be hosting the Region F Conference, the University of Wisconsin will be hosting the Region H Conference, and the University of Colorado will hold the Region I Conference in Boulder, CO. Finally, on March 31, the University of Miami will host the Region D Conference in Florida. Registration is still open and conference schedules are in the process of being published. Check out the links below for more information.

Region ABJ


Region C


Region D


Region E


Region F


Region G


Region H


Region I



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