Grad Group Spotlight: Georgia Tech Grad SWE

11 January 2016

IMG_6947President: Hannah Chang







When did your group start?

The exact start date is not really known. There were little to no documentation of the organization prior to 2011. But I would say the committee was revitalized in 2012.


How is the group organized? i.e. how many core people are typically involved, do you have officers, how do you fit within the collegiate section, where do you get your budget (if you have one)?

The graduate section falls under a subcommittee within the undergraduate section. Our budget comes from the undergrad collegiate section. See the organization chart below for specifics on our committee positions.




What type of events do you host? How often do you host them? How many people tend to come to these events?

We have 4 styles of events: academic, industry, social and outreach events. We aim to host social events once or twice a month. We aim to have 2 academic and industry events per semester. We have two big outreach events that is joined with undergrad section a semester and there are numerous outreach events that goes on through the semester. The attendance varies with each events.


What is the one event or program of which you are most proud?

This past semester, we had a “how to negotiate a better salary” luncheon that had a total of 35 sign ups. The event was a luncheon that was a joined event with the women’s resource center on campus. We invited 3 panel speakers to come in and share with us their experiences as well as answer questions that the audience had.


What tips do you have for a newly-started grad group? 

Since I didn’t start the Georgia Tech Grad SWE group, I’m not sure I have any good tips. One thing I’ve found helpful is that having a bigger board is really helpful.


How can someone contact your group if they’re interested in participating?

Email me at or visit the GT SWE website:


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