Upcoming Webinar – Patents for Owners

Join us for Part Two of the Patents webinar series on January 15th at 2pm Eastern!

Patents: An Introduction for Owners by Michael Gamble,Esq.

Part two of a two-part series. This presentation series is a basic introduction to patents and an overview of issues and practices to be considered by prospective patent inventors and patent owners.

Part Two focuses on providing a basic overview of how patents can be used to add value for owners seeking to utilize patents in a commercial venture.  The presentation covers issues associated with managing patent ownership, including aggregating ownership rights from multiple inventors into a single entity and avoiding pitfalls associated with research agreements.  The presentation will also cover strategically building and managing patent portfolios to maximize value, including enforcement and licensing.

Registration link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6276836277271435778

Michael Gamble is a patent attorney with Harness, Dickey, and Pierce P.L.C. in Washington, D.C.  His IP practice emphasizes patent prosecution and intellectual property counseling in both the United States and abroad.  Michael has been involved in patent portfolio development and management for a wide range of endeavors and business entities.
Michael has and continues to serve clients that range from bold entrepreneurs with cutting-edge ideas and new technologies, to some of the largest and most experienced multinational corporations in the world.  He works directly with inventors, executives and in-house counsel to identify and harvest the novel and often highly specific differentiators of a given technology in order to increase the value of his client’s patent portfolios on a global stage.
With more than five years of practice, Michael works diligently to distinguish his clients’ technologies, and therefore their overall brand.  He delivers a proven ability to write and prosecute patents that are critical to his clients’ strategic development.


Did you miss the Patents: an Introduction for Inventors? Check out the presentation here.


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