Resolve to spread the word about the SWE Grad Community!

Happy 2016, Grad Community! I hope everyone has been having a relaxing (and productive?) winter break! As we begin this new year perhaps you are making resolutions or goals, so I wanted to throw the Grad Community hat into the mix. You can help us continue to increase visibility of our Grad Community! How? Well, I’m glad you asked…here are 10 ways you can spread the word about the Grad Community!

  1. Share the social media (Blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) pages with your friends and/or Grad SWE groups. These are our main ways of connecting with the Community on a regular basis, and we’re always looking to expand our base.
  2. Forward the bi-weekly emails to your friends and/or Grad SWE groups. While this form of communication is less frequent, it contains important information and is delivered straight to your email inbox! Help spread the Grad Community news by forwarding these emails to other people who may not have received the email themselves.
  3. Work with your Professional and Collegiate sections to set up activities relevant to grad students. Does your collegiate section NOT have a grad group? See the Resources page of the Blog for tips on starting a grad group. Helping to plan events of interest to graduate students helps to boost grad student participation in collegiate and professional sections alike.
  4. Talk to your Region Graduate Representative about getting involved at the Region level. Your Region Grad Rep can work with you to figure out how your talents can be best used to spread the news about Grad SWE throughout your region. Find your Region Grad Rep here.
  5. Watch for the announcement to participate in planning Grad sessions and events at WE16. We will soon be requesting participation in developing and submitting abstracts for WE16 sessions relevant to graduate students – so start thinking of ideas now, and watch social media for how to participate with the Grad Community! Helping to plan WE16 sessions is a great way to spread your enthusiasm for Grad SWE!
  6. Keep your eyes peeled for the call for FY17 Graduate Coordinators. Along with the call for other committee chairs, we will be releasing a call for Graduate Coordinators soon. Applications are typically due in April, so stay tuned to social media for details! Being a Graduate Coordinator is a tremendous opportunity to make a difference in graduate student lives and influence the next generation of leaders.
  7. Help develop our database of ways to contact graduate students. The FY16 Graduate Member Coordinator Elect, Liz Dreyer, is figuring out methods to better reach graduate students who are not already aware of SWE and its membership benefits. Contact Liz at if you have ideas!
  8. Mentor and engage with other graduate students. Encourage them to attend Grad SWE events, become members, attend conferences, and follow us on social media! Mentoring other graduate students is a fantastic method to share your enthusiasm for Grad SWE!
  9. Attend your Region Conference, and bring a friend (or two)! You can find out when and where the region conferences are, along with links to the conference website on our calendar. The first conference is in February.
  10. Contact me if you have ANY ideas for the Grad Community! Please feel free to contact me if you have any ideas, questions, concerns, etc. You can email me (Katharine) at

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