Become a Region Leader!

Are you interested in taking your SWE leadership to the next level?  We are looking for collegiates and professionals interested in region leadership positions for FY17. A range of roles are available:

Region Governor  (Regions B, D, F, H, and J)
Region Professional Senator
Region Collegiate Senator (RCS)
Region Collegiate Representative (RCR)
Region Collegiate Communication Editor (RCCE)
Check your region website for other open positions

FY17 leadership position terms run from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017. Note that governor and professional senator are two-year terms, thus those roles would serve until June 30, 2018.

Region Governors: They are responsible for coordinating communications within the region, for promoting and facilitating section vitality, for identifying needs within the region, and for being a resource to the sections and members.

Senators: The senate charts the strategic direction of SWE. More information on senator positions can be found on the All Together blog.

Collegiate Positions: The RCR, RCCE, and RCS positions receive invaluable interaction and coaching from SWE leaders. These leadership opportunities sharpen your career skill-set in the areas of leading and facilitation, group dynamics and communication, and project leadership.  More information can be found in the Collegiate Elections Quick Overview. These are all one year positions.

For the election process and deadlines, refer to your region’s website:

Region A
Region B
Region C
Region D
Region E
Region F
Region G
Region H
Region I
Region J

New for FY17: Ballots will link to region webpages for candidate information.

SWE acknowledges and respects the value of a diverse community, thus we encourage everyone to consider these opportunities. Any questions can be directed to your region nominating committee or to either of us. Please consider being a region leader!

Heather Doty
Director of Regions

Lisa Rimpf
Deputy Director of Regions


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