Newsletter – 15 Dec 2015

Hello Grad Community!

If you know of other graduate students who may be interested in the Graduate Community, please forward these emails on to them, or point them to the Blog and Facebook pages! If you are part of a Grad Group, please ensure your distribution list receives these emails!

In this newsletter:

  1. Graduate Programming Coordinator-Elect application due TODAY! (by 11:59pm CST)
  2. Grad Community Spotlights
  3. Blog Basics: SWE Membership
  4. Happy Holidays!

(1) Graduate Programming Coordinator-Elect application due TODAY! (by 11:59pm CST)

Are you excited about the growing number of opportunities for graduate students in SWE on the national level? Did you attend WE15 and gain lots of inspiration and ideas to better serve the graduate community? Do you in any shape or form want to play a role in continuing to grow graduate student programs on the national level? If you said yes to any of these, you should apply to be the Graduate Programming Coordinator-Elect (GPC-elect)!

Each year the GPC-elect works alongside the GPC to construct and formulate the agenda of events for graduate students at the national conference. A list of this year’s graduate events at WE15 can be found on the blog:

Through the GPC-elect role, you get to work with a wonderful team of ladies to help shape sessions impacting the SWE graduate community nationwide (and beyond)! Additionally, there are numerous networking opportunities accompanying this role where you will create long-lasting connections as you serve as GPC-elect for WE16 and GPC for WE17.

Applications are due by Tuesday, December 15 at 11:59 PM CST. Download the application using the link below. Send completed applications to Rachel Unruh at


(2) Grad Community Spotlights

Did you see the most recent Spotlights?

Cornell Grad SWE (30 Nov 2015):

Ericka Sheeran (14 Dec 2015):

Do you know someone (or yourself) or a Grad Group who deserves recognition? Submit their name here:

(3) Blog Basics: SWE Membership

Do you have questions about becoming a SWE member? What about switching your membership, e.g. collegiate to professional? Check out our SWE Membership page of the Blog for information on the benefits of different types of membership as well as the link for how to sign up or change your membership.

(4) Happy Holidays!

On behalf of the entire SWE Graduate Community leadership team, I wish each and every one of you a safe, festive, and happy holiday season! Good luck to those who are taking finals, writing theses, preparing for defenses and graduation, and just trying to make as much progress on research before taking a break!

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at!



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